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Since 1903 when the Wright Brothers performed their fist flight, engineers have been trying to improve flight characteristics to create a better aircraft.

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You have been assigned the position as Manager of Flight Engineering  for NASA and the United States Airforce.  NASA has been experimenting with Airfoil Wing designs, new types of Shuttle designs, and Air Defense Rocketry.  Your mission is to research new aircraft designs, but first you must understand flight characteristics of aircrafts and rockets.

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Research the Science of Flight Characteristics of airplanes and rockets.

Forces that affect Aircrafts:
    - Lift
    - Drag
    - Thrust
    - Gravity

Forces that affect Rockets:
    - Relative Wind
    - Lift
    - Drag
    - Thrust
    - Gravity

Flight Terms:
    - Stability
    - Center of Gravity Pressure
    - Aerodynamics
    - Bernoulli's Principle
    - Guidance Systems

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Bernoulli's Principle
Bernoulli's Principle and Airplane Aerodynamics

How an airplane wing works

Aerospace Education Projects

Flight School

Space Vehicles
Space Vehicles - Vehicle Designs

Bernoulli's Principle
Atmospheric Transportation

Centennial of Flight
NASA Quest > Centennial of Flight

NASA Glenn Research Center
Aerodynamics General Information

Key Elements:
The faster an object moves, the greater the drag.
The rougher the surface, the greater the drag.
Longer nose cones on rockets help minimize air flow.
If the velocity of an object doubles, the amount of drag is four times as great.
A high thrust engine (faster speed) will cause a rocket more drag.

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Create a presentation for the following criteria using PowerPoint:

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The science of flight technology has changed drastically over the past 100 years.  Understanding how aircrafts and rocket systems work help us to understand how to overcome forces that affect flight which will allow us to design new systems with less resistance to forces.

What are the opportunities of flight technology do we have to look forward to in the future?
Where are most aircraft systems tested in United States?
Where are most rocket systems tested in United States?

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Teacher Notes
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