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Science of Sports


Throughout history science has been used to improve sports equipment.  The question is, How?
Originating in Scotland, golf has been around since 1550.  The earliest clubs and golf balls were made of wood.  The golf balls were round and smooth.  Today's golf balls are much different.  They have dimples and they are made of different materials.

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Congratulations, you have made it to the Pro Am Tour.  As a golfer, you need different golf balls which behave in different ways. You will need your golf ball to travel high over trees, long distance on drives, and to travel through windy conditions. Your task is to select 3 different type of golf balls to use on the tour. 

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Research the Science of Golf Balls.

    - Why do golf balls have dimples?
    - How many dimples are on a golf ball?
    - What are golf balls made of?
    - What causes a golf ball to go farther?
    - What causes a golf ball to go higher?

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Science has improved the technology of golfing in many ways.  Here are several web sites which will help your research:

How Stuff Works
Howstuffworks "Why do golf balls have dimples?"

Aerodynamics in Sports Equipment, Recreation and Machines - Golf ...

Club Physlink
Why do dimples on a golf ball allow it to travel farther?

Brain Candy
Balls | How Many Dimples Does a Gold Ball Have? | Why Have ...

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Create a graph and presentation for the following criteria:

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Golfing can be a technical science.  Professionals use different golf balls for distance and height.  This depends on the terrain of the course and wind conditions.

Science has improved all fields of sports equipment.  You can extend your research in the following sports.

Why are tennis balls fuzzy?
How does hockey equipment improve performance?
How is technology used to improve snow skis?
Why do baseballs have stitches?

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