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Science of Lasers


Since the discovery of lasers in 1947, scientist have found many ways to utilize laser technology.  There are several fields that use lasers such as police, military, medical, entertainment, and many others.

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You are hired as a graphic illustrator for a laser company.  Your task is to create a brochure describing the types of lasers, how lasers work, and their uses.  You will research laser information and use Photoshop and PageMaker to create your brochure.

    * How does a laser work?
    * How many types of lasers are there?
    * What are the uses of lasers?

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Create a 5 page brochure on lasers.  Each page must have graphics.

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Lasers are the most versatile invention ever discovered.  Find out why:

Brief History of Lasers
Brief History of Laser

How Stuff Works
Howstuffworks "How Lasers Work"

How Things Work
How Things Work: Lasers

Laser Fantasy International
LFI: How Lasers Work

Google Search (uses of lasers)

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Five page brochure.

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Lasers have many uses.  Scientist are discovering new uses for lasers each year. We have a strong future for the way we use lasers in several different fields of occupations and leisure activities.

Describe how holography works.
Describe the process of burning a computer CD.

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