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Science of Sports


What is nano?  Nano means small.  What is the smallest element we know?  Atom.  Nano Technology is working with the smallest element.

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You are a research engineer.  You have been assigned to manufacture items at the nano scale. Your 1st mission is to manufacture a computer chip at the smallest scale possible, then describe the process.  Your 2nd mission is manufacture a food item, then describe the process.

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Research the Science of Nano Technology.

    - What has currently been manufactured using nano technology?
    - How are items manufactured using individual atoms?
    - How many atoms are in the smallest object a human eye cam see?
    - How many atoms are in the smallest machine/object manufactured through nano technology?
    - What are the advantages of manufacturing with nano technology?

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Nano Technology is a new technology currently being reseached.  Here are several web sites which will help your research:


Electronic Journals

Foresight Institute
Nanotechnology - Foresight Institute - Preparing for ...

Institute of Nanotechnology
Institute of Nanotechnology

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Create a graph and presentation for the following criteria:

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Nano Technology is a growing field which will change our world drastically in the future.  Many types of occupations will develop because of this change.  The youth of today can prepare for these types of occupations that will develop in the near future.

Science has improved the way we manufacture products.  You can extend your research in the following sports.

What is the future of nano technology?
Predict what the future will be like 50 years from now?
How is technology used to improve snow skis?

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