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Science of Sports


How are plants grown in space?  What is hydroponics?  What is aeroponics?  It is very costly to grow plants in space the way we do on Earth.  NASA has discovered a new way to grow plants.

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You have been selected as an astronaut to conduct experiments on the International Space Station (ISS).  The experiments include monitoring and growing plants in space.  But first you have to understand the process of hydroponics and aeroponics.  You must spend the next 2 years researching and growing plants on earth using hydroponics and aeroponics.

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Research the Science of Hydroponics and Aeroponics.

    - What is Hydroponics?
    - What is Aeroponics?
    - What are the advantages of Hydroponics and Aeroponics?
    - What are the components needed to start up a Hydroponics system?

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Hydroponics and Aeroponics are an alternative method of growing plants.  Here are several web sites which will help your research:

Hydroponics in Space

Hydroponic History

Anansi Spaceworks - Space Homestead Corner

The Growing Edge Hydroponic Basics - Aeroponics

Why Aeroponics ?

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Create a graph and presentation for the following criteria:

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Hydroponics have many advantages of growing plants. 

NASA has improved they way we live on Earth by inventing new products used in space .  You can extend your research by learning more about NASA Spinoffs.

What products do we use every day that is a result in NASA Spinoffs?
How has NASA helped the medical field?
What NASA Spinoffs are used in sports equipment?

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