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BioTechnology is the application of biological and chemical research to improve agriculture and human health.  Through the discovery of DNA, scientist are able to advance rapidly in genetic engineering to introduce genes into an organism to vary one or a few traits.

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You are a student in search of a career in the biological field.  Why?  Because the jobs pay very well.  In order to select an occupation, you must first understand DNA and the process. 

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Research the Science of BioTechnology.

    - What does DNA stand for?
    - Where is DNA found?
    - How long is a DNA strand?
    - What is RNA?
    - What are the advantages of BioTechnology research?
    - What are the disadvantages of BioTechnology research?
    - How has BioTechnology  improved agriculture?
    - How has BioTechnology  improved human health?
    - What are the ethical issues of DNA?
    - What is the GNOME Project?
    - What are the social and political issues of DNA?

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Careers in BioTechnology Research:

Careers in BioTechnology Management:

BioTechnology is a rapidly growing field in technology.  Here are several web sites which will help your research:

DNA Learning Center
DNA from the Beginning

IMB Jena Biocomputing Group: The RNA World Website

Advantages of Biotechnology
Council for Biotechnology Information

Human Genome Project Information

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Create a presentation for the following criteria:

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Through DNA research we may solve world hunger and health problems.  This will depend on social and political issues of the world. 

Biotechnology will change our world drastically in the future.  Careers will change and new opportunities will enter.  Remaining with current technology will enable one to pursue these fields of study.

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