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The mayor has just informed you that a new zoo will be opening in your city. It will be a Dinosaur Zoo. Real dinosaurs have been found on a remote island and will be flown in for the grand opening. The mayor has asked your class to design the Dinosaur Zoo and make a model of what the zoo will look like. You will need to know about the many kinds of dinosaurs.

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Fossils are very useful to Paleontologists (and us, too) to learn about dinosaurs. Find information about fossils. You will also learn about one dinosaur and the time period in which it lived. Each student will research a different dinosaur. You will work together with the other members of your class to design a Dinosaur Zoo. 

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During the "Dinosaur Quest" you will first need to answer the following questions. Second, you will research one dinosaur and write information on the research guide. After you gather the research information on your dinosaur, print a picture of that dinosaur. Color the picture and glue it to construction paper or card stock. Tape a Popsicle stick to the back of the picture of your dinosaur to help it stand up. Write the research information on a 3x5 lined index card and attach the card to the picture of your dinosaur. 

Use the "Resources" links to find the answers.

Answer the following questions about fossils on a separate page:

bulletWhat is a fossil?
bulletWhat are the two types of fossils?
bulletWhat does a Paleontologist do?
bulletHow are fossils made?

Click here to print a research guide for your dinosaur

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Fossil resources

Getting Into the Fossil Record

All About Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Footprints 

Dinosaur Egg 



Pictures of Dinosaur Fossils -Click on the pictures to make them larger

Dinosaur Research Resources

Print your dinosaur page. Each page has a picture of a dinosaur.

1. Apatosaurus

2. Allosaurus 

3. Ankylosaurus
4. Albertosaurus  5. Brachiosaurus 6. Centrosaurus
7. Compsognathus  8. Dilophosaurus 9. Diplodocus
10. Edmontonia 11. Giganotosaurus  12. Hadrosaurus
13. Iguanodon 14. Janenschia 15. Kentrosaurus
16. Lambeosaurus  17. Mamenchisaurus 18. Megaraptor
19. Nodosaurus 20. Ouranosaurus 21. Oviraptor
22. Pachycephalosaurus 23. Panoplosaurus  24. Saltasaurus 
25. Saurolophus 26. Spinosaurus 27. Stegosaurus
28. Supersaurus 29. Triceratops 30. T-rex


 Times When Dinosaurs Lived

Triassic Period

Jurassic Period

Cretaceous Period

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When know all about fossils, print and then answer the Fossil Quiz.

Present your research information and dinosaur model to the class. 

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Now that you are an expert on fossils and the dinosaur you researched, display your work in the classroom. The Dinosaur Zoo is almost ready to be constructed.

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First, draw a blue print design of what you think the Dinosaur Zoo should look like. Share this design with you teacher and classmates.

Secondly, help your teacher construct habitats for the dinosaurs at the zoo. Use construction paper.

Now try these fun activities:

bulletLabel the Dinosaur Activity 
bulletHow Big Is That Dinosaur?   
bulletMake a Dinosaur Calendar 
bulletBuild Your Own Dinosaur-Click on the Build Your Own Dinosaur icon.


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 Teacher Notes

State Standards covered in this Dinosaur Quest:
bulletAsk questions about the natural world.
bulletDescribe how fossils provide evidence about the plant and animals that lived long ago and the nature of the environment at the time.
bulletPrepare and deliver information by...presenting a report

Useful web sites:

Michelle's Dinosaur Activity Page

Zoom Dinosaurs- Everything you need to know about dinosaurs

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