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Creating a web quest is a great tool for teachers to use to make learning for their students interactive.  Teachers must first learn to make an interactive web page using Microsoft Front Page. This program allows teachers to create interesting links to their home web page to specific subject topics

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You are the new webmaster of Desert Mountain It is your job to create a web quest page that is linked to you home web page.  You must consider it's purpose, content, design and the students who will utilize this page.


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Complete this self evaluation

What is your first thought when you open the web page?

Does it cover the content that you intended?

What's the "best" feature on your quest?

What portion have student's had most difficulty with? How can you modify it to remediate this problem?


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You should now have an understanding for the potential for using the web as a tool for conveying and broadening your student's education.  You should have explored some websites to see how other teachers have implemented web quests for their subject areas. 

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Create web quests for extended learning opportunities for those students who are motivated to do more than the "minimum" in your classroom.  Help them understand and exciting part of your subject area that expands their knowledge of the standard curriculum.


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Teacher Notes

This web quest meets the school/district/state standards of using technology across the curriculum.

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