Frog Quest

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Did you know that it's not uncommon to find a bumpy skinned frog that isn't a toad? Have you ever wondered if frogs have teeth? Discover which frog can survive in freezing water, even though its heart stops!

Click on the web sites below to find out interesting and weird facts about frogs and toads!

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In this Webquest you will be reading about the characteristics and life cycle of the frog and the toad, as well as, interesting and weird facts. Your job will be to create a web, make a frog puppet, and complete a written report containing facts and pictures gathered from the sites listed below.

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While searching the web sites below, take notes on the characteristics of the frog and the toad. Your first assignment is to create a venn diagram which compares the characteristics of the them. You will need to complete this on the paper provided.

Your second assignment is to choose a frog or toad to research. Your report must contain at least eight interesting facts about your frog or toad. You may print pictures from the photo site listed below.

Your third assignment is to visit Tadpole Transformation Cutout. Once in this web site you will print page 23. Next color and cut out the tadpole puppet. After coloring and cutting out the parts of the tadpole, use a brass brad to put the moveable parts together. Follow the steps to learn how the egg transforms into a frog.

Have some more fun and learn how to Draw a Frog with Don Conroy.

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Photos of frogs

Weird facts

More facts

Did you know?

Hop to it!

Amphibians- toads


Raising tadpoles

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Complete the fill in the blank questionaire.

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You have now become a frog and toad expert! Observe the life cycle of our tadpoles as they become frogs. Use your knowledge to help us take care of them and watch them grow. Our classroom toad needs just as much attention. Watch how he eats and buries in the sand. Notice the differences between the frog and toad.

Relax and have a good laugh! frog jokes

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Create a diorama of the habitat in which your frog or toad live.

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Teacher Notes

State standards covered in this Web Quest.

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