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Congratulations - You are now an intermediate student in FrontPage web design......
        it's time for you to examine basic sites and design your own.

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Your objective:

            Evaluate your current school web site:    http://bghs.dvusd.org
                Determine what looks good and what could use improvement
                    Note school details and information
                          Create a new school web site created by YOU
                               Develop a school home page with 2 linking sites
                                   Add pizzazz and creative styles to your site

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Decide what you would like to include on your school web page.
What makes a site "good" and what makes a site "bad".
Examine other district high school sites.
    Example:   http://mrhs.dvusd.org
What did you like and dislike on those sites?
Sketch out a sample Barry Goldwater "home" page.

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Check out the following web sites and answer the following questions on the evaluation form:
                                    Evaluation Form Online

        Would you consider these sites to be "good" or "bad"?
        What factors make it "good" or "bad"? (Add comments)
        Can you locate any mistakes on the web site?  If yes, list them.


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The following rubric will be used for grading your first web site.

        Grading Rubric

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Completing the above activities would have given you a greater understanding of what makes a good web site and strategies to creating such a site.  Questions to consider:

With the FrontPage skills you've gained in class, set goals for yourself to continue with your technology learning.  Just think about the web page employability skills you have obtained.

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A fellow classmate must evaluate your BGHS home page.   Use the form below to grade another student's work.
                           Peer Grading Sheet

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Teacher Notes

Arizona Tech Prep is dedicated to serving its Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructors and students. To that end it has developed this web site to ensure that tools and resources are available to deliver quality instruction and develop articulated programs between secondary and post-secondary institutions.


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