Crayfish Quest

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The Phoenix Zoo is adding an Ocean Life Aquarium next year!  The zoo director has asked our class what ocean animals we would want in the aquarium.  What should the zoo get?  What would kids want to come and visit at the zoo?  Your job is to find out about different ocean creatures and pick one for the zoo.

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Write a letter to the director of the zoo telling him about your creature and convincing him the new aquarium should have one.  You will also make a "wanted" poster to advertise your animal.

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Use the school library and the web links under "Resources" to find out about  ocean creatures. 

Pick one ocean creature you want the zoo to have.  Find out about it using the following questions:

1.  Where does the animal live?

2.  What does it look like?

3.  What does it eat?

4.  Does it have enemies?  How does it protect itself?

5.  What is its family like?

Write a letter to the zoo director with information about the ocean creature you have picked.  Include reasons why you think it would be great for the aquarium.

Make a "wanted" poster for the creature.  Include a detailed, colorful picture and information about it.  Use the whole space of a 12" by 18" piece of construction paper.


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Use these links to find out about ocean creatures!

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Kids page

Kratts' Creatures

Marine Animals

Tropical Oceans Animals

Baltimore Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium

Don't forget to look for books and articles in the school library.


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Practice talking about your poster.  Make sure you have included information in the following areas:  Looks, Habitat, Diet, Enemies, Family.

Present your poster to the class.  Be ready to answer questions other kids may have!

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Now give your letter to Ms. Huber to send to the zoo director.  Perhaps your creature will be selected to be in the new aquarium.  Have Ms. Huber hang your poster on the "Ocean Life" bulletin board so others may read it.

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Look at the web cams of ocean animals using the following link.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Web Cams

Do an ocean activity or game using the following link.

Ocean Activities and Games

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Teacher Notes

This was designed to be used with a 3rd grade classroom. 

Arizona State Standards covered in this web quest:

Use the 6 trait rubric to grade the letter.

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