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There are all types of baseball card knock offs such as Pokemon cards, basketball cards, football cards and rock star cards.  Why not have author cards that tells you information about a particular author?



     Lois Lowry    Richard Peck     Caroline Cooney


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You will create an author card that contains the following:

Children's Author Suggestions


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Step 1: Read a book written by an author you like.

Step 2:  Research the author.  You will need the following information:

Step 3Save the author picture onto a disk as a jpeg or gif file.

Step 4Create your card using Microsoft Word.
            (Hint:  Use Page Setup and set the paper size to 6" wide and 4" high.  Set all four margins to .25".  Using the column button  on the top, make two columns.  The first column will be the front of your card.  The second column will be the back.)

Step 5: Print your card out, fold it in half and trim it.  Turn it in to be laminated.

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Internet Resources:









Book Resources:

World Book Encyclopedia

Biography Book on the author (921)

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A card that has all the criteria below will receive an A.  A card missing one of criteria would receive a B.  A card missing two of the criteria would receive a C.  A card missing three of the criteria would receive a D.  A card missing four or more of the criteria would receive an E.

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Share your author and what you have read with other students.  Now that you have seen other author cards, select another author whose work you haven't read, and read a book by that author.


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Add your card to the library collection.  Your next assignment will be to evaluate your classmates' cards.  Which ones are outstanding?  Which authors and books are new to you?  What descriptions make you curious?  What reasons for liking a particular author or title match your own interests?

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Teacher Notes

This project can be done individually or in pairs.  If done in pairs, each student would work together on an author, but create their own cards.

The following Technology Standards apply to this Web Quest.

1T-F2: PO2 and PO3  Demonstrate functional operation of technology components.

1T-F3: PO1, PO2, and PO3  Use developmentally appropriate technology resources to access information and communicate electronically.

3T-E1: PO1 and PO2  Use formatting capabilities of technology tools for communicating and illustrating.


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Credit is given to Kim Christiansen's Web Quest for some of the ideas in this Web Quest.