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Have you ever wished that you had a magic wand and you could change anything around you? Or, have you ever wished that you lived "way back then" in the days of Kings, Queens, Knights, and Princesses? Just think, you would have lived in a huge castle and maybe even had to slay a dragon or two!! If this interests you, then join us now on a magical journey to the land of Fairytales. But beware, this is a land where your dreams can come true, so be careful what you wish for!


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The purpose of this activity is to create and write your own fairytale. But before you can do that, you will first read a fairytale from our selected list of resources. Then, you will answer questions on your handout that will help you recognize the different elements that make up a fairytale.

When you go to the process page, you will have a list of step by step instructions that will help you create a web, and this web will enable you to write your own fairytale.


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Choose a fairytale that you would like to read from the list of resources below. Read the fairytale. Now take time to study the pictures. Notice the details in all of the pictures.

Now print out the Fairytale worksheet.


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Choose one of the fairytales below to read.

The Sad Nettle and The Beautiful Butterfly

Jonathan, the Fastest Snail in the Meadow

Millie the The Harvest Mouse

Matilda Finds a New Home

Andy and The Beetles Rescue Jonathan

Click on one of these links to get more information regarding fairytales.

PBS Kids - Adventures From the Book of Virtues



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Congratulations on creating and writing your own fairytale! As a result of this webquest you have now learned about the different elements that are used to create a fairytale!

Tell the Mayor of Walkerdale that you need an audience, grab the microphone and let's hear it!


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Now that you are familiar with fairy tales , go to our library and find other fairy tales to read and enjoy. Then write more of your own fairy tales.

Produce a fairy tale play.


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Teacher Notes

List state standards for third grade here

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