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Do you like to read books? Have you ever written a book? People who write books and have them published are called  “authors”. Where do authors get their ideas for their books? Do the authors write about real people or do they just use their imagination?

You will find out all of these answers as you follow through this Author Study Webquest

 First, you will be using the internet to read and meet a most interesting character, Junie B. Jones. The creator  of this character  is Barbara Park  . She has written several books with Junie as the main character. You will learn a lot about the author as well as reading a few of her stories featuring Junie. Are you ready to meet Barbara Park and her character Junie?


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During this Author Webquest you will :

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Process and Resources



Junie worksheet

Let's get writing!



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The following rubrics will be used to grade your work with your partner and the final project.



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I am sure that your learned a lot from doing this book review


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Once the student has finished this Author Quest, he will then make up a story on his own using the Jonie B Jones character.


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Teacher Notes



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