Arizona Adventure

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Our class is going to be hosting an Arizona Day for our parents.  You and your group will be present the information that you have gathered for this presentation in the form of a power point presentation. 

Before your parents come to our presentation your job will be to travel through this webquest to gather information for your production.  After you have gathered up your team of 4 and have selected your topic from below you may begin your journey.


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Now that you have selected your topic, your task will be to form a research team with three other members from our classroom.  You will have four weeks to complete this research and prepare your presentation.

Your team will be researching, writing, and developing a power point presentation that will include the following information:


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To accomplish this task you must work as a cooperative group and complete the following steps:


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Listed  below are resources and links that will help assist you in your journey.  Know what your are looking for, remember to stay focused, work cooperatively, and have fun!

Kids - Web Resources -- ASLAPR Law & Research Library Div.

Cyndi's List - U.S. - Arizona

Find It Arizona


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Use the following information to help evaluate the quality of your project:

After you have checked your project use the grading rubric site below to evaluate your project.  Have another student check your project using the same rubric as well.

Grading Rubric



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Congratulations on your completion of this Arizona Webquest!  You and your group are now


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Teacher Notes


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