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Many students will be looking for scholarship opportunities during their junior and senior years.  However, as some scholarships are available to freshmen and sophomores, it is never too early to begin planning for post-secondary education.  To become an eligible candidate, it is important that students do as well as they are capable of academically.  Scholarship committees also look for well-rounded individuals with a strong emphasis placed on academic preparation, leadership development, community service, and extracurricular school activities.  Encourage students to seek out clubs and activities that interest them.  Participation in various activities can enhance a student's leadership ability and will provide opportunities for additional growth.  Students should also be exposed to a variety of activities, careers, and summer opportunities.  These experiences should be documented for future use.

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Scholarship To Do List
(How to be a Scholarship Candidate)

There are many activities students can participate in and resources to explore to make themselves a viable scholarship candidate.  Below is a list of activities students should be involved in to accomplish this.

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Get to Know your Counselor - Beginning the freshmen year, make an appointment  to meet your counselor and discuss your high school and post-secondary plans.  Complete an appointment request form in the counseling office to make your appointment.

Leadership, Community Service, and Clubs - Every freshmen receives a list of all the clubs and activities on Highland High School's campus.  Club meetings are held on Tuesdays during Club/Tutoring schedules.  It is never too late to join a club.  Community service opportunities can be explored through the Extra-Mile Club.  You may also find opportunities outside of school.

Read the Newspaper and Watch the International News - Schedule these activities into your day.  Scholarship committees look for students who are aware of local and international events and can write about or discuss these.

Summer Enrichment Activities - These activities can aid students in career exploration and academic experiences.  Review the Summer and Enrichment Opportunities  book in the counseling office.  See your counselor or Mrs. Wheeler for further information.

Curriculum - Listen to counselor presentations during registration for graduation and college entrance requirements.  Make an appointment and visit with your counselor for specific questions about your educational goals.

Letters of Recommendation - Meeting with your counselor to discuss your activities, interests, and goals enables them to write better letters of recommendation for you.  A student should do this every year starting as a freshman.  In addition, having solid participation in class so your teachers know you well (especially during your junior and senior years) is critical as they may also be asked to write letters of recommendation for you.

Resume - A resume is a picture of you on paper.  It lists your achievements, activities, job experience, and more.  Mrs. Wheeler in the HHS Career Center can assist students in resume preparation.  You may need a resume for college applications and to give to counselors and teachers for letters of recommendation.

Scholarship Book - Scholarships become available from individuals, corporations, local businesses and organizations, and universities.  These categories of scholarships are advertised mainly in the  Scholarship Book in the Counseling Office and on the daily announcements.  Students should review the scholarship book on a regular basis.

College Representatives - Representatives from in-state universities and community colleges visit the Career Center on a monthly basis.  Juniors and seniors should listen to the daily announcements or check the schedule in the counseling office for dates and additional information.

Financial Aid Presentations - Students and parents should attend financial aid presentations to gain an understanding of this process.  This is especially important during the junior and senior years.  These events will be advertised to students and parents through daily announcements at school and mailings home.

Scholarship Websites - It is never too early to start your search for scholarships.  Many websites exist.  Here are a few to get started. 

Free Application for Federal Student Aid - This application is available on the internet in January and should be filed by mid-February of your senior year.  Check your university's filing deadline.  Also, there is an annual event called College Goal Sunday which takes place in February.  Families can receive free help and advice for filing the FAFSA.  See your counselor for more information.  FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

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The information provided in this webquest was taken from the Highland High School Counseling Guide for Parents and and  Students published by the Counseling Department which is sent to parents at the beginning of the freshmen year.

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Students should work with parents and counselors beginning their freshman year to check on their individual progress in the process of becoming a scholarship candidate.  These steps will be accomplished over the four years of high school. 

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Students who are serious about applying for scholarships will find that it can become a full time job.  There are many scholarship opportunities that can be available to students if they have made themselves a good candidate.

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Parent Notes

Working with your student will be a very valuable asset in the scholarship process.  While students need to become responsible in this process, the guidance received from parents and school personnel is critical. 

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