Ottawa University Computer Classes for Teachers - a list of 2 day (1, 2, or 3 graduate credit hour) courses for educators taught by Michael Mann at Ottawa University. (Phoenix and Tempe Locations) Click here to see a list of upcoming courses.
PowerPoint Writing Templates - use any one of these teacher created templates for a variety of writing projects. (K-12)
How can I teach my kids to write great stories using PowerPoint?
Internet 101 - Covers all the basics.
Jeopardy PowerPoint Template - create your own jeopardy game to use in your classroom
Digital Photography - everything you ever wanted to know about digital cameras.

Great Free Software

  • Gmail - best free web mail
  • Google Sites - Free Web Sites
  • Google Earth
  • Google Pack - Get all your Google software in one stop.
  • - this is a FREE clone of Office with 5 applications including versions of PowerPoint, Word and Excel.
  • Picasa - great FREE photo organization tool, also email photos, edit, make slide shows and more.
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated - download FREE 30 day trials of almost all Adobe software including Photoshop, Acrobat and many others.

Informative Web Sites for Teachers

  1. Ed Helper - great resource for worksheets of every kind and lots more
  2. ALA Great Web Sites for Kids
  3. Teachers.Net - TEACHER RESOURCES - The most active teacher chatboards & teacher chatrooms, featuring 25 teacher mailrings and over 55 teacher chatboards, live 24 hours a day. Teachers.Net lesson bank offers over 1000 free lesson plans
  4. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - More and better math for all students.
  5. The Top 101 Web Sites for Teachers
  6. TeacherWeb® - Websites for Teachers
  7. Sites for Teachers
  8. Intel In Education Home Page
  9. Education Search
  10. NSTA - National Science Teachers Association - The largest organization in the world committed to the improvement of science education at all levels.
  11. ISTE - The International Society for Technology in Education - A non-profit professional organization dedicated to the improvement of education through computer-based technology.
  12. The Web Guide for Kids