The Big Fight

My name is Abby.
My family has five people in my family.
My friend is Christina.
My favorite pet is Annabelle, the cat.
My favorite food is pizza.
My favorite TV show is Scooby Doo.
I like to play games on the computer.
I like coming to school.
I have lots of friends.
My house is white and blue.
My house is cool.
My house has a garage.
My front yard is green.
My dog is brown.
I collect stuffed animals and put them in my bedroom.
We have three bedrooms.
We have two windows in our bedroom.
Our floor is light brown.
Christina and I got into a big argument.
Christina didn't want to come to my birthday party.
I felt sad.
Christina went home.
I went to Christina's house and we made up.
Then we played in the pool.


Broken Air Conditioner

My name is Abigail.
I am in second grade.
I enjoy baseball.
I like to swing at recess.
At home I like to swim.
My little brother is named Oliver.
My little sister is named Tate.
There are five people in my family.
I am the oldest of the kids.
I am seven, Oliver is four and Tate is one.
My house is brown.
We have very green grass.
There are three trees, one is on one side of the door, the other tree is on
the other side of the door and the other tree is on the side.
We do not have a big backyard.
We got back from visiting my Grandma and Grandpa.
When we got home the air conditioning was broken.
My Mom was mad and so was my Dad.
Me and my brother and my sister were very hot and sad.
My dad called the man who owned the house and he fixed it.
We were all very happy.


A Broken Bicycle

My name is Brandon.
I love my dirt bike.
My favorite food is ice cream.
My brother is smart.
I like to skateboard.
My house is blue.
I have a turtle.
My house has a big garage.
My skateboard has a half pipe in my house.
I have a big house.
I broke a bike.
My brother Dylan was mad.
It was his bike.
He was sad.
I fixed it by gluing the handlebars back on.
My brother was happy.
My Mom was happy.
We all went to get ice cream.




My Story

My name is Brent.
I am a second grade student.
My brother has a skateboard.
My favorite food is pizza.
I like to play tackle football with my brothers.
I have green eyes and blond hair.
My favorite football team is the Cardinals.
My house has lots of glass inside.
My Mom puts Pooh Bear stuff in the living room.
My house has three bedrooms.
We have a medium size swimming pool.
My brothers were fighting.
My Mom and my Dad came home.
Then they got grounded.
Everybody felt sad.
Kirk got grounded some more.
My brothers made up again and everybody was happy again.
We went out to dinner.
I ate corn, jello, bread, meat and ice cream.



Rain Sounds From the Roof

My name is Calvin.
I can do a cartwheel.
My favorite food is pepperoni.
I am in second grade.
My mom's name is Anna.
My house is a townhouse.
It has upstairs and downstairs.
There is a playground right out the wall.
Some really great moments happened in our house.
My house is beige.
My house sprung a leak on the stairs.
We had to put a towel over the stairs so nobody would slip and fall.
But everybody was sad.
We all had to sleep on the floor because we couldn't go up the stairs.
One morning I went up the stairs.
I almost fell down the stairs.
The maintenance men came and fixed the roof.
It took them two days and three nights.
We were happy again.


Sick On Saturday

My name is Chad.
I like skateblading and biking with my friends.
I ride my skateboard around the block.
My favorite color is green.
I have a green shirt.
I eat oatmeal, eggs, pancakes and French Toast for breakfast.
My house is white.
It is a mansion.
My house has three backyards.
My house has a fence around my house.
My house has lots of trees.
My house has a big front yard.
I was sick on Saturday.
I couldn't get out of bed.
I threw up a lot of food.
It made me sad.
I told my Mom.
She was sad too.
I went to the doctor and the doctor gave me some pills.
Then I felt better.
My Mom felt better too.



The Scooter

My name is Chase.
My Dad has a silver truck.
My Mom has a white car.
I have a blue bike.
It is a Huffy.
My sister has a snake, two fish and a girl cat.
Her name is Tiffany.
My house has a pool in the backyard.
My Dad takes of it.
My backyard is like a jungle.
It has a China Berry tree.
I like baseball.
My favorite players are Randy Johnson, Luis Gonzales, Jay Bell, Steve Finley, Matt Mantei and Sammy Sosa.
Yesterday I went to the mall.
I saw a scooter. I wanted it so much.
So my Mom said, "No." I was sad.
My Mom said, "Maybe you can get the scooter for Christmas or next year." We went back home to my Grandma's house.
When we went back home I was very tired.
I watched TV.



My Lost Dog

My name is Cody.
I like to eat pizza.
I like to go rollerblading.
Last Summer we went to Las Vegas.
I like to go skate boarding.
I am going camping this Friday.
I like to climb trees.
I like to eat ice cream and bananas.
My house is white.
My house has a rock yard.
We have glass lamps.
My dog is called Shy---that is a nickname for Sheyenne.
We got a new toy for our dog.
Shy broke a window.
Shy likes to play catch in the backyard.
Shy, my dog, got lost.
My Mom felt bad and my Dad felt bad too.
I felt bad too.
We found her.
I was happy.
My Mom was happy. My Dad was happy.
We went to the park.


Sick From Food Poisoning

My name is Crissy.
I like nature.
My favorite foods are carrots and hot dogs.
My favorite colors are pink, blue, purple, white, dark brown and black.
My house is tan and it has a patio.
I've got a secret hiding place.
I live upstairs.
I have a special place to think.
I got sick last year from food poisoning.
It was in the autumn.
I felt awful.
I stayed home.
My Mommy went to the store to get some medicine.
I took the medicine.
I felt better.




KC The Dog
My name is Deja.
I am seven years old. I have two sisters.
Their names are Lydia and Mckenna.
My mom and dad's names are Mike and Steph.
They are nice. I have two dogs.
I like to play Sorry and Life games.
I like putting puzzles together and my family likes to race to see who can finish first. My house is yellow and green.
The backyard is disgusting.
I have a pool and sometimes it's dirty.
Sometimes the water in the pool is cold.
We get lizards in our backyard.
We have cacti in our backyard and sometimes the birds eat the fruit.
My sister and I were at our Grammy's house.
When we went home our dog KC was so happy to see us, he broke the window. He was bleeding.
My sister and I were scared.
My Mom and Dad didn't know what to do.
Mom called the vet and he said to put duct tape on KC.
My Mom tried to put the tape on KC.
In a couple of weeks our dog looked better.



The Leaking Roof

My name is Dylon.
I enjoy sports.
I like second grade. I enjoy my life.
I'm having a great time. I like my teacher.
I like to go to Payson.
My house is white.
My Mom's name is Dawn.
My Dad's names are Michael and Brian.
I live in an apartment.
I have a Nintendo.
We have a small backyard with a covered patio.
We have two trees.
Every night I read for twenty minutes.
Sometimes I sit outside and read.
My house sprung a leak.
Water was leaking everywhere.
My Mom and Dad were sad. I was sad too.
We went to Home Depot and bought supplies to fix the roof.
We put some strong tape on the hole.
Then my Mom and Dad were happy.
I was happy too.


The Bike I Wanted

My name is Jazzmen.
My favorite book is Curious George.
My favorite foods are pizza and ice cream.
I live in an apartment.
I like to play soccer.
I have three brothers and two sisters.
I like to read books and magazines.
The color of my house is white.
The color of my door is green.
There is a pond in my backyard.
My house is two stories high.
My house has two bedrooms.
We have a lot of fruit trees.
I went to the mall and I wanted to buy a bike.
My Mom wouldn't get it for me.
So I asked my Mom and she said, "No."
I felt sad.
It was my birthday.
So I got the bike for my birthday.
I felt happy.
We played lots of games.
We had a pinata.
We ate cake and ice cream.



Dog Crawls Through Hole
My name is Justin.
I am in second grade.
My best friend's name is Kaleb.
I am seven years old.
My teacher's name is Mr. Mann.
I like to play football.
I like Pokemon T-shirts.
I like to eat pizza and corn.
This Summer I went to Big Surf.
My house is white and blue.
My house has lots of space.
I have a dog named Sadie.
She is white and black.
My dog is one year old.
My house has four bedrooms.
We have a big backyard with two trees.
My house has seven windows.
I have space and cowboy posters in my bedroom.
There is a hole in our fence and our dog Sadie got out. My dog got lost.
My sisters and brother were sad.
Sadie went around the block.
She was running. Me and Dad fixed the fence.
We found Sadie. My brother and sisters were happy.
I played tackle with Sadie.


The Broken Towel Bar

My name is Kannon.
I like to play with my friends in the front yard.
My favorite food is pizza.
My hair is blond.
I am a second grade student.
I collect Hot Wheel cars.
My best friend is Chad.
I live in a townhouse, but it does not have an upstairs.
My house is white.
We have three bedrooms.
My TV is brown and we get cable.
My Mom does a lot of cooking in the kitchen.
I got in trouble because I broke the towel bar.
I reached up and pulled the towel bar and it broke.
My Mom was sad. I was sad. My Mom fixed the towel bar.
My Mom was happy again. I was happy again.
After that I rode the bus to school.



Max's Adventure

My name is Max.
My favorite foods are bacon and cheese sticks.
I play all the time. I like football.
My friends and I like to ride our bikes and skateboards together.
My friends and I like to go to the Mall together on Sundays.
I like pants with a lot of pockets.
I live in a medium size house. It is white.
The front door is bluish white.
We have four bedrooms and two bathrooms.
My brother, my dad and I built a fort in our backyard.
Me and my brother got into a fight over finger bike.
We were trying to break the finger boards and the finger bike. I was very mad. Mom broke up the fight.
She sent us to our rooms.
We kept on coming back out.
She told us to go back to our rooms.
Later we watched TV.



Stuck In the Room
My name is Sarah.
I like school because everybody does too and school is fun.
I have friends at school.My friends are nice.
After school I go home and play with my cat.
In the morning I go back to school into my second grade class.
I play at recess in the morning and go to class. My house is white.
My Dad's name is Bill and he called the painters to paint our house white. My house is full of pets.
Inside my house me and my brother like to play.
Outside in the yard we play on our bikes.
My Dad cut down one tree.
We want our tree back.
When me and my brother were at our Mom's house, I shut the door when me and my brother were in our Mom's room.
We got stuck in our Mom's room.
Billy shut the door again and we got stuck.
We were both afraid. Our Mom got a screwdriver and got us out so we could go to our Dad's house.
We are happy that we are out of our Mom's room.


My Friend's Worst Trouble
My name is Tony.
I am a second grade student.
I love to watch movies.
I have a friend. His name is David.
We like to play video games.
We love to roller blade at Skateland.
Sometimes we find pennies.
We save the pennies and buy stuff.
My apartment is gray.
It has two backyards. It has lots of space.
We have a swimming pool.
I have a lot of toys. I have a computer.
Last Summer my friend David got in trouble.
I felt sad for him.
It was hard for him too because he got grounded for a week.
The reason why my friend got in trouble is he got in trouble at school.
He was talking when he wasn't suppose to be talking.
I told David that grounding is easy because it is over soon. David was
happy.I was happy. Everyone was happy! Then we got big ice cream cones at Dairy Queen.



Asthma Attack
My name is Tyler.
I am a second grade student.
My favorite TV show is Rocket Power.
I have a red truck and I have two pets.
I have a parrot named Suddy and a dog named Beauty. I have a brother named
Michael and I can lift forty pounds.
I like football, baseball and basketball.
I like to wear long pants and nice T-shirts.
This Summer I went to Big Surf, Disneyland and Water World. My house is red. It has a weight bench in the backyard.
I have a tree by my window and it is big.
The tree is by Michael's window too.
I have a red gate on the side of the house.
I have a radio in my room and I have a TV in my room.
My brother has a TV too.
We have a video game in my Mom's room.
One day I was so sick.
My Mom was so worried about me.
I had asthma and I was worried too.
This happened when I was six years old.
I had difficulty breathing.
The next day my Mom was happy because the doctors gave me some kind of medicine. The medicine made me feel better.
I was so happy and so was my Mom.
My Dad and brother were happy too.
We watched the movie called Scooby Doo.


Zequila's Big Day

My name is Zequila.
My favorite TV show is Rug Rats.
My best friend's name is Jazzmen.
We like to play jump rope.
My favorite food is pizza.
I like to wear skirts.
My favorite color is pink.
I like dolls. I have brown hair.
I live in an apartment.
My apartment is white.
My friend lives close to me.
We have a swimming pool.
I have a computer at my home.
I like living in my apartment because we have a playground.
We use the washers and dryers by the swimming pool.
One day I wasn't feeling good.
I was sick. My stomach was hurting.
My head hurt. My nose was running.
I had a cold. My Mom gave me some orange juice. I laid in bed. Then I felt better. The next day I went to school.