Animal Stories!!


Sleepy's Story
Sleepy is an alligator.
She likes Catty Catfish. She is nice to Catty. Sleepy likes to skate.
She likes to go to school.
She likes to go in the water.
She has big green eyes and a powerful tail.
Sleepy likes to go to Hawaii.
She likes to go to Disneyland.
She likes to go to school. She likes to go to Flagstaff. She likes to go to
the Zoo.
She likes to go to Big Surf because it is cool.
Sleepy likes to go to Hawaii because it has a beach and water.
She likes to go to school because it is fun.
She likes to go to a Zoo to visit the other alligators. She likes to go to a
park to play.
She likes to go to a pool to swim.
One day Sleepy got in a big fight with Catty Catfish.
Sleepy was sad because she was hurt.
Sleepy was sad because Catty Catfish was laughing at her. She was sad for
six days.
She was mad because Catty Catfish bit her tail. Sleepy Alligator smacked
Catty Catfish with her tail. Catty Catfish was dizzy for two months.She
never bit Sleepy Alligator's tail again.


Getting Lost
Once upon a time there was an elephant named Kady.
She liked it when there was a lot of work to do.
She had a friend that was a butterfly.
Her name was Jane.
Jane also liked to do work
One day Kady and Jane decided to go to all the homes in the jungle and clean.
They cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. When all the cleaning was done,
they went home and had a nap.
The next day they went to all the homes again. They went deep into the
forest and then they were lost.
They did not know what to do.
They didn't know where they were.
They were very unhappy.
Finally they came to the edge of the forest and saw the city.
Then Kady said, "I know, we are in the city!"
They went to the store and they asked a worker where they were. The man said
they were in the city. "I was right," said Kady.
The man took them home. Then when they got home they made cookies.
Then they were happy.


My Bear Family

My name is Stripy.
I am a mean bear.
My dad is a black bear.
My brother's name is Boo Boo Bear.
My mom is a brown bear.
My other brother's name is Hairy Bear.
My sister's name is Fuzzy Bear.
We have a puppy that likes honey too.
I go to Kid's Zone.
It is in the forest.
I go to Hyena School.
I like to play soccer at Hyena School.
I like to play on the swings.
I like to play basketball.
I like to climb trees.
My family likes to get food from garbage cans.
At Hyena School we jumped off of the swings.
We got in trouble.
We were very sad.
We had to sit on the wall.
We learned if we jump off of the swings, then we would have to sit on the
It is more fun to get food from garbage cans than it is to sit on the wall.


Solving the Sleeping Mystery

My name is Radar. I am a bat.
My favorite thing is hanging upside down.
I am nocturnal. I have radar.
I am the only flying mammal.
I have sharp teeth. I eat fruit.
Once my mom fought a huge owl and she almost died.
The place where I live is a haunted house.
The house that I grew up in---yah there is a ghost. The ghost helps me with
my homework. My whole family lives there.
I just learned how to hunt.
I said, "I can't sleep Mom." "Sleep in hay," said Mom. "I tried that," I
"Try sleeping in a nest," screamed Mom.
"I tried that," I cried. "Well, I can't help you, Mom said. I was sad.
"Mom, I figured out how to sleep," I said.
"Really, how?" asked Mom. "Why do you ask?" I said. Mom said, "I can't
"How do you sleep?" asked Mom.
My Mom was sad. I told my Mom, "Hang upside down and close your eyes."
After my Mom took her nap she was happy.
We took a vacation.



Little Harry Mouse and Mean Snake

Little Harry is a mouse.
He is also a dad.
He has a son.
His name is Squeaky.
They eat bugs.
They went to the beach and swam.
They found a piece of cheese on the ground.
They went out top lay in the sun.
Harry Mouse lives in the woods up in a fort on a tree.
The fort has lots of windows.
Also, it is big.
It has lots of sticks in it.
It has a kitchen and the bathrooms are big.
Little Harry went out to play.
He saw Mean Snake.
Then he was scared.
Mean Snake was chasing Little Harry.
Little Harry felt very sad.
Little Harry said to Mean Snake, "Let's be friends," and Mean Snake said,
Then they were happy again.
They went to McDonald's and played in the park.
Little Harry Mouse ate some cheese and Mean Snake ate a hamburger.


A Snake Named Sharyer

My sister has a snake named Sharyer.
He is nice and he has a nice owner too.
He sleeps a lot and eats mice.
Sharyer has a beautiful cage and a green and red bush.
He sleeps there and he is cool.
He is very very cool!
He used to live at Pets Inc.
He has sharp teeth.
One day my sister's snake was trying to move his water bowl.
His head got stuck.
My mom got him out and when he got out he went behind his bush real fast.
He was happy.
Two weeks later he bit me.
It hurt so I put him back in his cage.
I never got bit again.
I felt bad.





There is a dog named Fuzzy.
He eats pizza and ice cream.
He has a car. Fuzzy likes to play catch.
He chases the ball.
Fuzzy jumps in swimming pools.
He lays on a big red and blue pillow in a basket.
He barks a lot. People like to pet him.
Fuzzy is very good. He sits.
He likes to go to Hawaii.
He likes to go to Disneyland.
He likes to go to school.
He likes to go to the Zoo.
He lives with very nice people.
He lives in a big white house in Scottsdale, Arizona. Fuzzy didn't get food.
Fuzzy had never seen a cat before.
Fuzzy saw a cat.
The cat ran, jumped over Fuzzy and ran away.
Fuzzy felt bad because he wanted to be friends with the cat.
The next day the cat came back.
Fuzzy said, "Let's be friends."
The cat and Fuzzy went to school.
The cat and dog were happy and they lived happily ever after.


The Snake Story

Once upon a time there was a snake.
Her name was Christine.
She had sharp teeth.
She liked ham and loved to sleep.
Christine went to school at PS 118.
Her favorite colors were green, brown, yellow, gray and black.
Christine had a friend.
She lived in the jungle.
Christine's teacher was named Mr. Laseen Lizard.
Once Christine got poisoned by another snake named Lorraine.
She survived, but she was really really sick.
She was mad.
Christine had to stay in bed for a month.
Then her family sent her cards.
Then they went over to her house.
Then she felt better.
The next day they went to play horse shoes at the park.




Crocky and Silly

My name is Crocky Crocodile.
I am a second grade student.
My favorite thing is riding dirt bikes.
I love to eat ice cream. I eat fish.
I have big teeth. I have a big tail.
When people see me they scream and run.
I am a crocodile.
I live in the jungle.
My teacher's name is Mr. Hootie Owl.
My name is Crocky.
I go to Hyena School.
My school is big.
It has a big pond that I swim in.
It has lots of vines.
We swing in the trees.
I got in trouble because I threw a bone at Silly Monkey.
I had to go to the principal's office.
I was mad because I had to go to the principal's office.
I went home and went to bed.I was sad.
The next day I told Silly Monkey, "I am sorry."
After school we went over to my house and played Monkey in the Middle.
We are good friends now.



The Car Accident
Hi, my name is Chocolate.
I am an animal.What kind of animal?
I am a coyote. My sister and brother's names are Bill and Tina.
We like to try to catch frogs.
We like racing each other.
We roll down hills a lot.
I live in the desert. Where in the desert?
I live in a little town in the desert.
I go to school.
My teacher's name is Mr. Growl.
The principal's name is Ms Rack.
Once Nicole was at Coyote Dance class.
Our Dad was in a car accident and a stranger called us on a cell phone.
We were scared. When we were in the car we saw the ambulance.
We went to see the car that our Dad was in.
We saw the other car too. My sister was so sad. My sister was still at
dance class when the accident happened. Our Dad broke four ribs and had a
puncture in his lung.
It was really scary. He felt better in a couple of weeks. Nicole was so
scared. I was sad.
My Mom was so sad. We hope our Dad will feel better so we can do all the
things we used to do.


My Family

My name is Stripy, the saber tooth tiger.
My dad's name is Michael, the bear.
My mom's name is Dawn, the bird.
My brother's name is Taylor, the cub.
My sister's name is Alissa, the duck.
My other sister's name is Elizzabith, the wolf.
I live in the jungle.
There are lots of vines to swing on.
There are lots of swamps too.
It is very nice here. I like it.
I'm having a great time.
There are lots of animals.
My mom broke her back. I was sad.
She had to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.
My dad, sisters and my brother were all sad.
We had to wait for a long time.
I didn't like that.
The doctor had to take my mom's appendix out.
After a couple of days she came back home.
My dad, sisters and my brother were all happy.
I was happy too. Then we went to the DQ.



Terrible The Tiger
Terrible, the tiger lives in a green house. He likes to play lots of games.
He has lots of friends. He has a nice dad named Sleepy Tiger. He has a nice
brother named Foxy Tiger. Terrible and Foxy like to go out and play with the
other tigers. They like to climb trees. Terrible, the tiger likes to play
in his pool. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona in a tall house. It has five
bedrooms. It has a swimming pool. It has a big backyard.
Everyday he sits under his tree. He likes to play outside. Terrible and his
Dad Sleepy went to the mall and then they went in the bike section. Terrible
asked his Dad if he could buy a bike for his birthday and Sleepy said, "No."
Terrible asked his dad for some thing else and he said, "No." They went in
the toy section and Terrible wanted his dad to buy a toy, but he said, "No."
Then Terrible asked for another thing and Sleepy said, "No."
Then they went to the car and they went home. Terrible felt sad. It was the
most special day of Terrible's life and that day was Christmas Eve. That is
his favorite day. Then the tiger family woke up and ran to the Christmas
tree.Terrible got all the things that he wanted.They went to McDonald's.
Terrible was happy.


The Day That Ended Happy

Once upon a time there lived a jaguar named Speedy.
He had a beautiful wife named Lisa.
Speedy had a son named Klabe.
Speedy was a teacher in second grade.
Speedy was so fast at running.
Speedy lived on a football field.
Speedy's football team was named The Big Mean Dogs. Speedy liked to go to
New York City. Speedy liked to go to Chicago.
Speedy liked to go to his friend's house.
Speedy, his wife and son did not have any food. They were very sad. Speedy
broke his leg. He was sad. Speedy's son was running down the hall. He went
to detention.
He was sad. Speedy did not have any water to drink. They were sad. A snake
bit Speedy.
He was sad. They found food and more food.
They were happy that they found food.
Speedy's broken leg was feeling better.
He was happy again.
Speedy found water.
He was happy that he found water.
Speedy's snake bite was healing.
They all went to a Dairy Queen and ate banana splits.



Mike Getting A New Friend

My name is Mike.
I am a tiger.
I like to watch TV.
I like to run and jump.
I like to eat.
There is a school in the jungle.
My teacher's name is Mr. Claw.
I like to go to school.
I am the best reader in our class.
I go to school at Hohokam.
Once I got in a fight in school with a snake named TJ.
He tripped me.
I was very mad.
I was mad for the rest of the week.
Then I got over being mad.
I said, "Sorry," to TJ.
I did not ever fight again.
Now we are the best of friends.




TJ Finds Food

Hi, I am a snake.
I have a rattle.
I like to bite.
My name is TJ.
I like to slither all the time.
I like to eat rats.
I like little mice.
I am five feet long.
I can camouflage into anything.
My house is in the desert.
I like to snack on predators.
Me and my dad go hunting for coyotes.
My family goes for a swim everyday.
We like to take a walk.
My teacher is Mister Rattlesnake.
One day I was hungry and I had nothing to eat.
I was in the middle of the desert.
There was no food close by. I saw a little mouse.
Me and my friend TK Snake teamed up on the little mouse.
We almost caught him, but he ran back into his hole. We waited and the mouse
ran out.
We caught him. Me and my friend TK split him half. It was a fun dinner.



The Wolf Came After Jane

My name is Jane, the cat.
I am a second grade student.
Every morning I go back to school.
I go to the big playground and play.
After school I go to Kid's Zone and play there. In the morning I play with
my friends named Katy and Harry. We go to school together. One day Katy and
I decided to go to the desert together. We went walking together. Then Katy
needed to go home and I went walking by myself. But I decided to go home
too. But when I was walking home, a big wolf came running to eat me. He
caught me and put me in his house and wanted to eat me so bad. He was
starved to eat.
He could not wait to eat. I was afraid for him to eat me. It was scary too.
Kady and her mom and dad and my mom and dad got me out of there!
I was happy that they took me to McDonald's to eat. I was happy to get out.
My doctor checked me in case I was hurt or not. It was fun.




The Lion Named Jake

There is a lion named Jake. He is a lion.
He likes to roller blade. He likes to use his imagination. He loves to
Jake lives in Africa.
He lives in a dark cave. His cave is red.
His cave has lots of space. His school is right next door.He goes to ASU.
One day while Jake was rollerblading, he wanted to go out rollerblading near
the pond.
But his parents said, "No."
He really wanted to do it, so he said, "I will just lie."
But he did not know that lying was bad.
Later when he found out it was wrong, he felt guilty that he said that.
When he was finished rollerblading, he went home.
When he got home, his parents said, "What did you do today?"
He got scared, but anyway he told the truth.
His parents forgave him and they were happy that he told the truth. He was
Everyone was happy.
Then they went to McDonald's to eat ice cream cones.



Broken Leg

I am a bear.
My name is Tyler.
My brother Michael is a bear and I have a friend named Tara.
She is a bear too.
She is my best friend.
Tara, Michael and me go outside to play.
We ride our bikes.
We live in the forest.
Me and my brother always fight.
My mom always goes to work.
I go with my mom.
She takes me and my brother to eat fish.
After work she takes us to McDonald's.
One day I fell off a cliff.
My mom was cooking dinner.
Me and my brother were playing outside, but I fell off a cliff.
I had a broken leg.
My leg was so sore.
I had to be in bed for a year.
My mom gave me chicken noodle soup.
My mom gave me some leg medicine.
My brother put his TV in my room.
He hooked the TV to the video game.
We played the video game.



The Bee Family
I am a bee. I have a friend and her name is Buzzy Bee. My name is Bee Bee.
I am in second grade and I like it. I have a lot of bees in my family. I
play with my cousin Lovey Bee the most. We like to jump rope and sting
people. Sometimes Lovey Bee gets to spend the night. I live in a jungle. I
met an ant.
He said, "What is your name?" I said, "My name is Bee Bee." I asked the
ant, "What is your name? He said, "My name is Batty Ant."
Batty Ant took me to his home. I met his sister Aunty Ant. I left his home
and I went to my home. Then I laid down. Today we are going camping. We
are going camping in the woods. My brothers do not like the woods.
Then we were buzzing down the road. We were happy. We were there. My Mommy
Bee was real happy. My Daddy Bee sung a song. When we got home, my family
got into a big argument. It was a big argument.
Then I flew to my room. My friend Batty Ant crawled to my house. He said,
"You should feel terrible." I said, "I do feel terrible."
We calmed down and ate some honey and nectar.