Our First Stories of 1999!


The Next Day


My name is Adam.
I am seven years old.
I like to make Art.
I like to play soccer.
My favorite book is the Frog Prince.
I have a nice house.
I have new shelves in my room.
My sister's room has a bunk bed.
I have a swing set.
My house is made out of bricks.
My mom and dad's room has a TV.
Once the TV screen turned blue.
It made me feel bored.
There was nothing to do.
The next day the TV worked again.
I felt happy.
I am glad.

My Messy Room

My name is Aimee.
I was born in Arizona.
I like to play with my dolls.
I like to go home and eat lunch.
I like to play with my friends.
I like to play with my dog.
I like poodles.
I like to go to school.
My house is white.
I have carpet in my house.
I have grass in my yard.
I have eight cats.
I have one dog.
I have a big room.
I have a lot of toys.
I have a pool.
I made a mess in my bedroom.
I did not want to clean up my room.
I lost my scissors.
I lost my toy pig.
I found my scissors.
I found my toy pig.
I cleaned my room.
I felt good.

The Broken Mirror


My name is Alyx.
I was born in Arizona.
I love to read.
I love my family.
My favorite food is spaghetti.
My mom has a garden in the front yard.
My house has five bedrooms.
My mom painted my bedroom with bird houses and gates.
I have to share a bedroom with my sisters.
We have a big back yard.
One day my sister took a ball and threw it at the mirror.
My mom got mad because it cracked the mirror.
It looked terrible.
One day my mom put it in her bedroom.
I hope she will fix it soon.
My sister doesn't throw the ball in the house anymore.


My Dog Got Lost


My name is Cassie.
When I come home from school I go to my friend's house.
We love to play house.
I was born in Arizona.
My backyard has two trees.
Sometimes we climb it with my friends.
One time the ice cream truck came and we all got ice cream.
Something got lost.
My dog got lost.
It took two days to find her, but someone found her.
It was her.
I couldn't believe it.
I just couldn't believe it.



A Baby Bunny


My name is Chris.
I have blond hair.
I have blue eyes.
My favorite food is pizza.
I like soccer, baseball and basketball.
I am at the park with my Mom and Dad.
My Mom's house is white with a red roof.
At school we have helpers.
The helpers are Cody, Daniel, Dristin, Cassie, Jason, Jeremy, Samantha, Tia,
Aimee, Eric, Josie and Ita.
One day I wanted a bunny, but my mom said no.
My mom said no because she didn't have enough money to afford it.
She said, "Maybe you can get one when your birthday comes."
She forgot the bunny on my birthday so I asked my dad for one.
He bought me a white baby bunny.
I named him Jack.
A few months later he had grown about ten inches.


Broken Toy


My name is Cody.
I was born in Arizona.
My Mom's name is Kim.
I love to play basketball and soccer.
I am happy to be at Hohokam.
Me and my friends play soccer.
I live in an apartment.
I have two bedrooms.
I have a backyard and out of my backyard there is a park.
There is a Sony in my room.
My favorite is the living room
My favorite toy got broke because my dog chewed on it.
That made me sad.
Me and my Mom went to buy a replacement.
It took a while.
Finally we got the toy and then we went home.
I was happy.


Dad Returns


My name is Daniel.
I was born in Arizona.
I love to play soccer and baseball.
I am seven years old.
I have a mom and dad.
I have no brothers or sisters.
My house is tan.
My house has carpet.
I have a Grand Am.
In my house my couch has two recliners.
In my house I have four rooms.
One time I didn’t see my Dad for one week.
We felt sad when my Dad was working.
When he was done we were happy.
The next night me and my Dad went to Video Roundup.



My Cats and Me


My name is Eric.
I was born in Flagstaff.
I was born in 1991.
I love my mom and my dad.
I love to play Army man with my Dad.
If I had one wish I would wish for a Super Nintendo 64.
My room is full of Gonzilla stuff.
My living room smells like rubber.
My kitchen is full of flowers and turtles.
Inside it is cozy.
My yard is full of grass.
One day I forgot to close the back gate.
My cats got out.
I was mad.
The next day I found my cats.
I was watching TV.
I looked out the window and saw my cats.
I woke up my brothers to tell them I found my cats.
I was happy.


My House

My name is Ita.
I was born in Arizona.
I am seven years old.
I have a cat and dog.
I love to read and write.
I love my mom and my dad.
I love school.
I love to play with my friend.
My house is red and green.
I have a brown door.
We have three rooms.
The living room smells like flowers.
We have a garden in the backyard.
We have green grass.
We eat dinner.
My mom reads me a story.
My cousin Alex and I were playing in the front yard one day.
Alex was riding her bike and she fell.
She cut her knee on a rock.
My mom put some water on a napkin and washed her knee.
Her knee was ok.
We decided to watch a movie in my room.


All About My Cat

My name is Jasmine.
I have brown hair.
I like soccer.
I'm in pom and cheer.
I love to read.
My house is light tan with a brown roof.
It has a little living room.
My house has four rooms in it.
My room is messy.
I have my own room.
One morning I woke up and I let my kitten in.
He squeaked when he meowed because other cats came in my backyard and hurt
his back leg.
I was very disappointed.
Later that day when I got home my kitten was all better.
I was very happy.
I never knew if my mom took him to the pet doctor.


My Messy Room


My name is Jason.
I have Pokemon cards.
My favorite color is blue.
I have a friend named Joey.
I'm going to get a kitten in one year.
I live in an apartment.
My mom has a baby.
I like my house.
I like my room.
I made a mess in my bedroom.
My mom told me to pick it up.
It didn't make me feel good or bad.
I did pick it up.
Then my mom told me that I did a good job.


No Battery


My name is Jeremy.
I am seven and one-half years old.
I like to read.
I was born in Arizona.
I have a sister named Jennifer.
She is four and one-half years old.
I like Jennifer.
My house is nice.
I like my house.
I like my house because it feels warm and cozy.
At night it is spooky.
My house has three rooms.
Once our car would not move because it ran out of batteries.
Mom got upset.
I got worried that I could not go to church.
A nice man helped us.
He gave us some batteries.
We felt happy.
The End. I hate The End.


Good Life

Hi, my name is Jessika.
I was born in California.
I went to Universal Studios and I went home.
I play with my dog.
I love my Mom and my Dad.
I live in a house.
I live in a pink house.
I have a green bathroom.
I have a red bed.
I have a dog.
I have Tigger, a stuffed tiger.
I like my books.
My Mom got mad at my Dad.
My dog got mad at my Dad.
I like my Mom and my Dad.
I am mad at my Dad.
I like my dog.
My Dad looked at my dog.
One night my Mom and Dad got mad.
I looked at my Mom and my Dad.
Then they stopped fighting.
I love my Mom, Dad and my dog.
I like to have my dog.

Runaway Kitty

My name is Joey.
My Mom is beautiful.
I was born in San Diego.
I have a black truck.
My home is blue.
My room is cozy.
I like my room.
I like my toys.
I like to sleep in my room.
My toys are yellow and blue.
Cosmo, my kitty, ran away because Tyler scared her off.
I felt very bad.
Cosmo hid under some bushes.
I saw her and she saw me.
I got her back.
I put her in the house.



Peanut Lost and Found


My name is Kristin.
I was born in Texas.
My dog's name is Peanut.
I am seven years old.
I like to eat pizza.
I have a white house.
My room is clean.
I have five people in my family.
We have four rooms in our house.
Our house is nice.
My dog Peanut ran away.
We were sad.
Our front door was open.
We went to look for Peanut.
We went all around the neighborhood.
We couldn't find her.
So we went home, but when we got there she was running around.
We were happy.



A Baseball Game


My name is Michael.
My best friend is Austin.
We play baseball together.
We like to catch a ball.
We are a family.
Austin likes to eat fruit snacks.
I like to eat beef stew.
We play our baseball games at a stadium.
We play baseball on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
At one of our games I was catching the balls real good.
Josh threw a ball.
I tried to catch it and I landed in the mud.
I was so upset I thought I could not play anymore.
Austin told me that I was ok.
I believed him.
I felt happy.
We won the game.

It’s A Wonderful Day

My name is Nicholas.
I love baseball, it’s my life.
I also like art.
I have three pets---Bell, Petey and Deedee.
I love to build clubhouses.
My condo is white.
I live in a big house.
It has a flat roof. I have stairs.
Outside is a lot of grass.
My room has wood floors.
I have a pool across the street.
My house has white walls.
In my room I have posters.
In the living room is a blue wall
My hamster got out.
I lost my favorite toy.
My mom got mad. My mom lost her job.
It was the worst day!
We were sad.
My mom looked for another job and she got it.
We went to the pool. We felt great.


My House

My name is Nigel.
My favorite food is pizza.
I am famous because people use my name.
I have a stero.
I have a TV in my room.
I live in a white house.
My room is big and I have a sliding door.
My mom has a clean car.
My dog is black and tan.
Last night my dog ran away.
I felt sad.
The next day he came back.
I felt happy.



My name is Sami.
I was born in Missouri.
I have a big family back home.
I have a best friend.
Her name is Kim.
We like to climb trees.
We make spots for each other.
My house smells like perfume.
In the morning the upstairs neighbors play music.
We always hear them everyday.
It sounds like they are moving.
My room is full of Pooh and Tigger.
One day my best friend called and told me that she had to move to Saffern.
I felt sad because she had to move.
Kim visits every month, but I still miss her.
We still talk to each other.
That's why we're friends.


I Got The Chicken Pox

My name is Sarah.
I have a dog named Wishbone.
She is my favorite thing.
My room is big.
I was born in Arizona.
My best friend is Austin. I like to beat his dad at ping pong. I like him.
The name of my school is Hohokam.
My house is very pretty. I like it.
My house is white. I have a zigzag window.
My mom and dad do too.
I have a lot of toys.
I have a big yard with a dog.
One day I got sick. I had the chicken pox.
What was really fun was I got to eat whatever I wanted.
It wasn’t fun to put disgusting medicine on them. My dad put it on my sores.
When I woke up I felt bad.
Every morning I felt bad. I got a hot temperature.
Then I got better and better everyday.
I felt good.

My Parents

My name is Tia.
I was born in Arizona.
My dog's name is Mitch.
I love to play basketball.
I'm new at Hohokam.
My apartment is messy because I just moved in.
My apartment has two bedrooms.
There is white carpet.
My home smells good.
When I was one year old my Mom and Dad had an argument.
I was sad.
Now I spend more time with my Mom, but I still see my Dad.
I got over it, but I still wish they were together.