Big Problems


The Two Birds Who Don't Like Who They Are

There once lived two birds who were friends.
One of them was a woodpecker.
His name was Pecker and the other one was a roadrunner.
His name was Runner.
They wanted to be like each other.
They lived in the desert.
It did not have water, so nobody knew how to swim.
It was hot!
There were saguaro cacti.
There were more than two kinds of birds in the desert.
You know that Runner wants to be like Pecker and Pecker wants to be like
Well, the next day Runner woke up and he was just like Pecker.
Pecker was just like Runner.
Pecker fell into a rattle snake's home.
Runner was chased by a Harris Hawk.
Runner and Pecker felt sad.
The next day Runner and Pecker woke up.
It was just a dream!
Runner and Pecker felt grateful!
They danced around.
At school they flew and ran to each other and hugged each other.
They were glad they weren't like each other.




The Enchanted Castle

Chicken is a cat.
Nala is too.
Nala is orange.
Chicken is gray.
Smudge is a black and white cat with a floppy ear.
Blackey is a cat.
He is black.
Rose is a horse.
Rose is a brown horse.
Baby is a cat.
She is white and gray.
The castle has vines on the gates.
The castle has a pond.
Around the castle are a hundred trees.
The castle is very old.
In the front yard there are statues.
There are six stairs.
The cats needed to get in the castle.
"Let's knock," said Smudge.
"Ok," said Baby.
"They will not answer," said Blackey.
"We need to get the key," said Rose.
So Rose started looking for the key.
They looked for the key everywhere.
The key wasn't behind the berry bush.
It wasn't behind the trees.
It wasn't behind the statues.
It was behind the castle!
Chicken found the key and unlocked the door.
"Yay," said all the cats, "We got in."



A Beach

Amanda is a girl and Funny is a boy.
Funny and Amanda are friends.
Amanda has brown eyes.
Funny has blue eyes.
Amanda is ten years old.
Funny is nine years old.
The ocean is blue.
In the ocean they have a cave that they live in.
The ocean is dark under the blue sea.
Other fish live in the ocean.
There are blue, red, yellow, green, orange, black and purple fish.
They are beautiful fish.
Amanda and Funny were picking up seashells on the beach.
Amanda and Funny had a problem.
Amanda stole Funny's sea treasures.
Funny was very very angry at Amanda because Amanda took Funny's sea
Funny was sad and mad.
Funny went swimming.
Amanda saw a shark going after Funny so she had to save Funny.
Amanda picked up a big seashell and threw it at the shark to scare it away.
Funny came out of the water and Amanda gave Funny's seashells back to him.



A Birthday Party

My name is Amanda.
I have brown hair and brown eyes.
I have a Barbie doll, jump rope and a trampoline.
I like chocolate cake with frosting and sprinkles and a chocolate frosting
banana cake.
My family and I are going to Peter Piper Pizza for my birthday.
I won lots of coins, I played lots of games and more interesting things at
Peter Piper Pizza.
One day I went into the house, everybody jumped out at me.
They scared me so much I started to cry---wa, wa, wa.
Then they came up and said, "Are you ok?"
"I'm sorry that I scared you," said my mom.
After they scared me, they never did it again.
I felt that they would never do it again.



Forest Adventure

Nip and Pip are black, white and brown.
Smudge is white and black.
They are all cats.
They live in a forest.
They built a home.
There house is made out of sticks, mud, leaves and straws.
Along the house was a little tree with leaves and a nest.
Birds chirped in the trees.
Smudge and Fudge's room is covered with Valentines.
Nip and Pip's room is covered with hearts.
Nip, Pip, Fudge and Smudge were playing hide and seek.
A crocodile jumped out of the bushes.
They went in the lake, but the crocodile followed them so they went on a
tree, but the crocodile climbed up the tree.
So they went in their house and they were safe.
Nip, Pip, Fudge and Smudge let the crocodile in their house and they
became friends.



The Big Noise
Hello, my name is Daniel.
It's 4:59 PM, one minute before school is out, two minutes before the
janitor comes out.
He's so slow.
It takes him all day long to clean the floor and the worst thing is I have
to help him!
I'm done in five minutes and he's still walking.
He walks at one and one-half miles per hour.
When I try to leave, he says, "Come back."
The janitor said, "Stay another hour, then we will go home."
At home my brother Charlie asked, "What does the school look like?"
I said, "All right Jelly Face."
I said, "My locker is 407, top right corner."
We have two principals.
We have twenty-nine teenagers in our class.
In the whole school there are one hundred and seven teenagers and
seventy-three teachers.
You think that this is a pretty nice school, but two years ago, eight
hours thirty minutes and twenty-five seconds---no, twenty-six seconds, the
janitor was mad!
He was mad because there was more junk---then there was more and more and
more junk.
It all smelled bad.
We, the teenagers, had to carry shovels all around the school.
So did the teachers. They had to carry shovels too.
That day which was two years ago, eight hours, thirty-four minutes and
eight seconds--no nine seconds ago.
The hmmmmm---What's his name?
Oh yeah, his name is the janitor.
He took a vacuum and sucked it all up.
The janitor took one side of the high school and I took the other side.
It was so smelly.



At My Grandma's House

I am Eric.
I'm eight years old.
I got a nice house.
I got a dog.
I love my Grandma because she is nice.
My Grandma's house is fun.
I like my Grandma's cats.
I like to dig at my Grandma's backyard.
She has brown eyes.
She is fifty years old.
One day I got in a fight.
I told my Grandma.
The boy still was mean.
After a while he was still being mean .
I went inside.
I was mad.
I went outside.
I talked it out.
I said, "Sorry."
I felt good.
He said, "Sorry."
He was good.
Then we became friends.



My Broken Arm

My name is Estrella.
Sami, Kristin, Jasmine, Alyx and me are all girls.
We are best friends.
Alyx is very nice.
Jas is my best friend.
Sami has blue eyes.
Kristin has a nice house.
I have two sisters.
Jas has blue eyes.
Kristin has brown eyes.
I have brown eyes.
Sami likes Tigger and Eor
Me and my friends were at the carnival.
I got ice cream.
My friends got cotton candy.
We went on the Ferris Wheel.
We went on the Spinning Apple.
I was swinging.
I like to swing a lot.
I fell.
I thought I broke my arm.
People were staring at me.
This was the worst day of my life.
I went to the doctor because I thought I broke my arm.
The doctor said, "I think you are going to need a shot."
Then he put a cast on my arm.
I got candy and flowers.
People signed my cast.
I went home.
I learned my lesson.
Don't do that again!


Spindle and His Friends

Spindle is a frog.
Sometimes he can be mean and sometimes nice.
Spindle has four friends.
Their names are Ponyton, Chocolate, Candy and Licorice.
Chocolate and Ponyton live together.
Their house is made out of wood and leaves.
Ponyton loves flowers.
Candy lives by herself.
Candy also likes to go to the Mall with Ponyton.
Licorice lives with Spindle and his mom and dad.
One day Spindle was trying to fix the electrical wires.
Then Ponyton came along.
Ponyton said, "What are you doing?"
Spindle said, "Go away, I'm working."
Then all the other friends came over.
"Go away," said Spindle to the others, they got mad.
Spindle said stuff that was mean.
Then the fairy came down and said, "Big grown up Spindle, I don't like
your attitude."
"That's it!" said the fairy.
"I'm going to turn you into a lizard for being mean to the kids," said the
So the fairy turned Spindle into a lizard. The kids lived happily ever



The Garden

Ashlee, Jack and Cris work in the garden.
They love it so much because they plant flowers.
They have a beautiful garden.
It has carrots and each day roses.
Sometimes it rains and the trees and roses grow.
Ashlee cuts the old flowers.
Ashlee, Jack and Cris get the seeds off of the sunflowers.
Sometimes Ashlee puts water on the flowers.
It rains a lot for the flowers.
One day Ashlee, Jack and Cris were playing.
Cris said, "Let's go outside."
They went in the woods.
They got lost.
It was morning.
The sun was shining.
They saw a sidewalk and followed it.
Then they saw their house.
Then they worked in the garden.



The Three Little Pumpkins and the Pumpkin Catcher

There are three little pumpkins.
They all are orange.
They all have pointy noses.
They all have green arms.
They all have green feet.
They all have pretty faces.
They all have brown stems.
The pumpkins live in a pumpkin patch.
It has creepy spiders.
It is creepy.
There mom and dad are there.
They have a cat there.
Orangie, Pippy and Sippy are three little pumpkins.
They are very afraid today.
We don't know why Sam, the pumpkin catcher was looking for pumpkins to
make pumpkin pie.
"Oh no, not you!" said Pippy
"Yes, its me guys," said Sami.
"Let's get this creep," said Orangie.
So Sippy and Pippy attacked.
Sam got a root beer and shook it and pointed it at the pumpkin catcher.
Pop, all the root beer got all over the pumpkin catcher.
Then Pippy called the pumpkin catcher a pip squeak.
Then the pumpkin catcher didn't catch another pumpkin again.



The Battle

Hi, I'm the Dragon.
You will hear about me later.....bye....bye...
Ok, here we go to the story.
Once upon a time in a magical land, it was not that good of a place, but
it was a good place, but not for kids to go.
Jeremy was a brave kid.
So he went there.
So he was the Knight to fight the Dragon.
Jeremy lives in a castle.
It is a very very big castle.
It is a gray castle.
It was a big castle, but now it is a very very big castle.
It has a river and in the river are sharks swimming around.
"Hi, I'm the Dragon."
"If Jeremy and Mr. Mann lose the battle, then Aimee and Samantha will be
dinner," said the Dragon.
It was a deal.
Jeremy said, "Mr. Mann and I will lose the battle."
Jeremy said that he would fight the Dragon.
Jeremy went to the cave of the Dragon.
Jeremy was brave.
The Dragon was mean.
Jeremy raised his sword, cut the Dragon's head and the Dragon died.
Jeremy was the next king.



Runaway Lunch Box

My name is Joey.
I like to play with my puppy.
I like to play with Mom.
I like to play with my truck.
I like to play with my Sand Monster.
I like to play with my robot.
I like to play with my blocks.
I like to play with my tooth.
Our school has trees.
Our school has a playground.
Our school has kids.
Our school has bathrooms.
Our school has students.
Our school has teachers.
Our school has leaves.
Our school has monkey bars.
One day I lost my Power Ranger lunch box at school.
I put it in one of the garbage cans in the cafeteria.
Nick and Michael brought the lunch boxes back to our classroom.
My lunch box was not in the garbage can.
I went to room sixty-two and I didn't find it.
So I went to room sixty-three.
I still didn't find it.
I went to room sixty-four and room sixty-five.
Then I found it.
Now I put my lunch box in garbage can sixty-one.



Scat and Nick

Once upon a time there was two best friends.
It was Nick and Scat.
They were nice, funny and caring.
They were going to Six Flags.
It was fun.
There were cool things there.
It was like the fun roller coaster too.
Scat and Nick were kidnapped by the evil Jeremy and his helper named Sami.
They were bad!
Then Jeremy and Sami were nice to Scat and Nick.



The Magic Castle

My name is Kristin.
I'm eight years old.
I live in a castle.
I have a dad, mom and two brothers.
I have eight friends.
Their names are Michael, Joey, Nick, Jasmine, Josie, Cassie, Aimee, Jeremy
and Sami.
My dad, my mom and my two brothers live in a castle.
We are so happy living in a castle.
It has pointed tops on the top of the castle.
It is pink and gray.
It has eight trees around the castle.
My family and I were singing songs.
Then there was a knock on the door.
My dad went to open the door.
The witch came in the castle and cast a spell on my family, but did not do
it to me.
I was so so sad.
I missed them so much, but I had to come up with a plan.
I was so sad I couldn't come up with a plan.
I tried a potion on my family, it didn't work.
I got a magic wand, but they turned into fishes.
I got the book that the witch had.
On page 300 it said, "I'm mean, I'm good, I'm nice, I'm fun!"
Then they turned back to normal.
I was so happy.



Castle Adventure

Ash went to the castle.
Michael went too.
All of the other pokemon were there too.
The castle is magical.
Their castle is fun.
Their castle has Tarzan in it.
Their castle is weird.
Their castle is where we have battles.
There was a Richu against a Pikachu and the Pikachu won.
But Richu was still alive.
They fought again and Pikachu won this time.
Richu left and didn't come back again.
They were so happy.
They had a big party.
They had lots of fun.
They were so happy.
They played pinata.
They began to leave.



My Dog Is A Vampire
My dog is a bulldog. He's thirteen years old.
He's so old he might die, but no, he might turn into a vampire. I'm
I'm Timmy, the one telling the story.
Now let's begin the story.
Once upon a time there lived a dog.
He was thirteen years old.
My dog was always hungry.
My dog was always the one in trouble.
I fed my dog everyday.
I would take my dog for a walk everyday.
My dog was weird too.
When I take my dog for a walk, the outside looked like a graveyard
because I live in a haunted house.
My house is black.
It has webs in the corners and ghosts in the hall.
My house shakes at night. My house is very creepy.
When I sleep, it's dark.
It's so dark you can see the ghosts, but I like my house.
Everything was going great until one day my dog died.
I felt very sad. I cried all night.
Then one day he turned into a vampire. I screamed.
My dog tried to bite me.
My mom kept on kicking him.
It was creepy.
He used his magic spell.
Then my mom used all her breath.
Then my dog ran out of breath.
He turned back.
Yay, he's back AND he is two years old.
We had a great dog.
We were so happy.
We went out for ice cream.
We had fun.



The Desert Animals

Once upon a time there lived three girl snakes----Jasmine, Sami and
They were sisters.
They always fought.
Jasmine always tried not to get involved.
In their house the girls were spoiled.
They had everything they wanted---candy, clothes, jewelry and toys.
All the girls had their own room.
Jasmine's room was baby blue with a big bed.
Kristin's room was light green with Brittany Spears posters.
Sami's room was purple and blue.
One day Jasmine ran away because Sami and Kristin got all the attention.
Jasmine felt very bad.
Jasmine was always good.
But nobody would listen to her.
Jasmine felt even more bad.
So Jasmine went back home.
When Jasmine got home, her parents and sisters were worried sick.



Castle Adventure

Sarah, Tiffany and Davidson are a few people who are going to a castle.
Sarah is the captain.
Sarah is going to encourage them.
Tiffany can't hear good.
There favorite thing to do is go on adventures.
Davidson is a little jealous because Sarah always is hanging out with
But Davidson has a different idea.
Sarah, Tiffany and Davidson are at the castle.
Tiffany is a little scared today. She ran into Sarah.
Davidson is even more jealous.
He wanted Tiffany to run into him.
Davidson is trying to run into Sarah, but he didn't see that he was
tripping on Sarah's foot.
The castle is black and it has secret doors.
One of the secret doors had a map.
The map is pictures of the castle.
One of the pictures showed the way out.
They were on their way out.
Tiffany and Davidson were walking and Davidson found a secret door and
made Tiffany wait by it.
The Davidson took Sarah away from Tiffany.
Tiffany got stuck on the other side. Then she tried to go back. Tiffany
was scared and Sarah was disappointed in Davidson.
Sarah and Davidson were looking at the map.
They remembered the way they came in.
So they went where they started and took a walk.
They went and turned a corner and walked down there.
They turned another corner.
Then they went down another corner and found Tiffany.
They all felt happy and they lived happily every after.