Monster Stories 2000
Abby The Haunted House
My name is Sleepy.
I live in a haunted house.
I don't have any friends.
I am sad for six days.
I have long stringy hair.
I have big purple eyes.
I like to wear ragged clothes.
I wear big clown shoes.
My house has broken windows.
The front door is falling off.
Worms and snakes crawl all over the floor.
We have one hundred pet spiders.
We eat a lot of bat stew.
There is a big crack in the middle of the house.
On Halloween Day the door fell off the house.
All the snakes and worms were crawling outside.
We hung a skeleton in the doorway to scare all the kids.
It had spider webs all over it.
One kid fainted and the snakes and worms got all over her.
The next day the ghosts and witches put the door back on the house.
We had a party.
All the worms and snakes came to the party.
Abigail The Party
There once was a monster. Her name was Emily.
Emily was very mean.
Her hair was green and her finger nails were blue.
Her skin was purple.
Emily was a huge and very very mean monster.
Emily liked to be mean. Emily lived in a very spooky house. There was a school by Emily's house.
Emily did not like kids. Emily's house had a lot of skeletons, cobwebs and a lot of ghosts. Emily liked her house. Emily planned to put a curse on the school.
No one knew that Emily was going to do it.
It was Halloween night and there was a party at the school. Emily did not like this.
She was very very mad. She thought she could go at 6:30 PM. She forgot her disguise. She knew she would spoil everything. At 6:30 PM when she went to the school, she went through the front door.
When everybody looked they saw a monster!
She stood on the table and was about to cast a spell on them when a little boy stepped up and said, "Hi, monster, would you like to come to the party?""Yes, I would like to, but I forgot my costume," said Emily.
"It is all right, go home and get it," said the little boy.
"Ok, I will," said Emily. Emily went home and got a costume. She had a very good time.
Emily learned to be kind and she became a school teacher.
She taught second grade.She had a lot of friends.
Brandon A Haunted School
My name is Larry, the Mummy.
I love to squeeze people.
I am a blue and yellow monster.
I love to chase people.
I can't go in water.
I am a mummy and a vampire.
I live in a school.
I sleep in a coffin.
On Halloween I put a curse on the school.
There are fat bats and slimy spiders at the school.
There are yellow and blue people at the school.
I got sick because I was jumping up.
I did not want to be sick.
I was sad.
My brother was sad.
My mom was sad.
I didn't feel well.
I couldn't go chase people.
My brother took care of me.
I was very very mad.
I got better because I took some medicine.
I was happy now.
I can go play outside.
I can't race, but I can play with the toy dirt bikes.
I am happy to not be sick.
I am free and I am happy.
We all went to get ice cream.
I was happy.
Then we went to a haunted house.
Brent I Got Bit By A Bat
My name is Scream.
I like to scare people.
I scare people because they want to scare me.
They like to scare monsters.
I like to scare people.
I am black and scary.
I am big.
I have big teeth.
I have floppy ears.
I have blue fingernails.
My name is Scream.
I eat Chow Bats, Burping Bats and Sucking Vampires.
The house that I live in is scary.
Burping Bats are there.
There are creepy stairs---thump, thump, thump---somebody is there.
There are stinking rats crawling on the floor.
There are lighted pumpkins by the door.
I eat bats and corn.
I am sick because a bat bit me.
The bat bit me and made me feel bad.
I was playing with my friend.
Then a bat bit me on the arm.
I feel better now.
I am playing with my friend.
I too medicine from the doctor and I took some red medicine.
I feel great. I got out of bed.
I will never go over there.
I should never go over there.
Calvin Bubble Gum Sculptures
My name is Blade.
I am a sculpture.
On Halloween I turn into dust.
The dust is goo.
I turn into a bubble and pop!
I eat rats.
I live in a sculpture store with skeletons, blood sucking vampires, crawling rats, bleeding sculptures, bat bones and other sculptures.
Pop! I popped again.
That's the problem.
I pop. I pop.
I keep popping.
I felt sad.
I popped. See you!
The problem is I am made out of bubble gum.
Like I was saying---see you!
I'm going to the sidewalk store to get stone.
I'll be a stone sculpture again.
See you.
I'm turning to stone.
Bye old friends.
I'll miss you.
Chad Demon Robbers
My name is Scratch.
I like to gobble up blood.
I am bloody.
I wear a killer's dress and I hold a bat.
I live in a bank and it is scary there.
I have slimy green and purple feet and I have wings.
I fly around on Halloween.
The bank I live in is haunted.
It has dead people and spider webs in it.
Me and my friend Tyler eat people.
There are bloody hand prints on the wall.
The chairs are made out of steel.
Ghosts, mummies, vampires and witches scare the people to death.
When people walk in, the witch flies down and hits them with her broom.
One day some demons came over to my bank.
They tried to steal the money.
They put the money in their black bags.
The people screamed and ran out of the bank
I chased the demons for robbing the bank, but they were too fast. Now they
got away. Darn it.
They vanished into thin air.
The cops came speeding up to the bank.
They found the demons hiding in a haunted house.
They got the money back.
They carried the demons away in a big van.
Me and Tyler went to Castle and Coasters.
We had a great time.
We went on the Bumper Boats and we bumped people.
Chase Frankenstein's Pizza Place
A long time ago there was a castle that was haunted for one million years.The monster had scary teeth, popping eyes and sticky hands. He had a slimy nose and his favorite foods were kids and pizza. He ate pizza all the time. He hardly ever eats kids because the bones break his teeth and they are hard to swallow.
When he eats kids he has to go to the dentist.
The monster's name is Frankenstein.
Frank's room was cool. He could lift up the Statue of Liberty. He is nice. He made a ramp for his bike and skateboard. He is one thousand years old.Frank's roommate is a runaway vampire named Vinney.
Vinney is one hundred years old.
In Vinney's room there are spider webs and scary vampire bats that have sharp teeth.
Frank's favorite pizza place closed down one day ago.
He was very mad so he had to find a new pizza place.
He didn't find a pizza place so he went to a Chinese restaurant. He didn't like Chinese food so he ate kids.
He still didn't like kids so far. The whole night he was very hungry. Then he went to brush his teeth and went to bed. The next day his stomach was growling so much.
Frank's favorite pizza place opened and Frank went to the pizza place
everyday. He went to the pizza place so he never had to eat Chinese food and kids again.
He always loved pizza and he had pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the rest of his life he never got sick of pizza. He eats pizza forever.
Cody Slappy Is Sick
My name is Slappy the Monster.
I am an invisible monster.
Halloween is my favorite time of year.
I love Halloween.
I love to go trick or treating.
I love to knock on the doors.
I love to eat candy.
I love Halloween.
I live in a haunted school.
There are fat bats everywhere.
We are money people.
There are giant rats everywhere in the kitchen.
The ghosts are drinking beer.
You can see walking heads.
Mummies are playing ballet.
I was sick.
I had asthma.
I stayed in bed for a month.
I said, "How come I have to stay in bed?"
Dad said, "You were out in the rain and you did not listen to me."
In eighteen months I felt better.
Dad said, "Are you feeling better yet?"
I said, "Yes, I am feeling better.
I got dressed and ate medicine.
Dad said, "Good, you're feeling better."
Then we went out to get ice cream.
I had a sundae and my dad had a regular ice cream cone.
Crissy Mary Kate and Ashley Meet Mr. C
Greetings my fellow furry friends.
How are you this evening?
I am hungry.
Let me introduce myself.
I am Mr. Cacascy, the principal of PS118.
You can call me Mr. C.
One Halloween night there was a bad storm!
The Olsen family was driving down the road.
They got stuck.
The Olsen kids went to find shelter.
They found the haunted school and spent the night.
I was happy to welcome them to our school.
Mary Kate and Ashley did not like it there.
They had to sleep in cold raggedy cut blankets.
They had to eat with spider webs everywhere.
But they were still hungry and still sleepy.
They did not like the ghosts.
They did not like it.
They tried to make the best of things.
But nothing went wrong.
When they went to the bathroom there were spiders on the toilet seat.
The next day they had a big feast.
They loved it.
The car got fixed.
Then they went to have ice cream.
Deja The Ghost Town
Hierrr, my name is Noby. I am a milky ghost.
I like dancing. I am gray, blue and maroon.
I like skate boarding. I throw up when I see people.
I am a girl. I make Toss Bombs. I have one eye.
My friend is a mummy named Crabby. I live in a haunted castle. There are fat bats, sling shot bones and smelly cheese. It smells disgusting. There is green slimy goop and popcorn coming from the roof.
There is a weird pool, throw up bats, blood on axes, disgusting rats and
skeletons who are all scared.Green goblins are sleeping in my bed. I wanted a Racer Scooter for my Halloween birthday party. "I hate you guys, I hate you all," I screamed. "Wa, wa, wa, go home, all of you, go home," I yelled. "Noby, you forgot to open one more present," said Crabby. "Oh oops, I am sorry for saying all the
mean things," I said. "You almost made us sad," said the bat. "Hey, do you want to have some popcorn?" I asked. "Okay," they said. "Can we stay here?" asked Crabby. "Okay," you can stay," I said. "Thanks, you are welcome." Crabby said. "Wow, a racer scooter," I yelled. "Thanks, now I can ride it to school," I said. "You are welcome," said the bats. "Do you want to try it?" I asked. "Yes, I do," said Crabby."Here," I said."Thanks," said Crabby. "You are welcome," I said.
"Let's go to Dairy Queen on my racer scooter." I said.
"Okay," said Crabby. "Yea ha! Wohoo," we shouted.
"This is fun," squeaked the bats.
Dylon The Ferocious Monster
My name is Mike the Monster. I'm slimy, scary and stinky too. I'm green. Do you know why I'm green?
It is because I'm slimy. I like to cast spells and turn people into
werewolves---that is very funny. Your breath smells nasty. Oh yea those are my friends---Mark and Tony. I live in a haunted house. It is scary and there are lots of sticky, gooey cobwebs. There are stinky rats that smell worse than skunks. There is a fat Frankenstein too.
There are blood sucking vampires. There are chow bats.
I just love Halloween parties, but one night my friend Mark had a party and didn't invite me. I was very mad.
I didn't like that at all. The only monsters he invited were Cody, Tony,
Chase, Kannon, Chad, Brandon, Calvin, Justin, Tyler and Max. I don't know why he didn't invite me. I just don't know why? I feel very sad. I really hate that. Then I walked to Mark's house. I just got there when the party was almost over. But nobody was there.
How could that be I said to myself. But when I walked into the living room, "Surprise," yelled everybody. "Ahhhhhh, you scared me," I said. "Why didn't you invite me?" I asked. "I thought you moved to New York, Mark said. "No, I didn't you silly," I said.
We had a party.It was great.
Then we opened the presents.
I gave Mark a Scare Machine.
That's it today!
The end of the story.
Justin Broken Trophy
Hi, my name is Blood Sucker.
I live in a haunted house.
I am a slimy scary vampire.
I am a scary vampire.
I have long fangs.
I have a black cap.
I can turn into a slimy cat.
I can turn into a green slimy bat.
I live in a haunted house.
There are fat bats in the basement.
There are burping ghosts in the tub.
There are dumb mummies in the closet.
There are skeletons in my bedroom.
I eat chocolate vampires.
I was feeling sick.
I was sad.
My trophy got broken.
I felt very unhappy.
My mom did not let me get another trophy.
I was very sad.
I did not have any food.
I felt very sad.
I wanted another trophy.
I went to the doctor and got some medicine.
I got a new trophy.
I got a new good luck trophy.
My mom gave me another trophy.
I got some more money.
I bought more food. I felt better. I got a good luck better trophy. We went to the football game.
Sarah Abigail's Mom Died
There once was a monster. Her name is Abigail.
Abigail is very very mean. She likes to cut her finger nails. Her skin is
green and purple. She has pink, purple and blue hair. Abigail is really
really mean.Abigail lived in a haunted school with scary mean ghosts and slimy invisible scary pink skeletons.
Abigail is slimy and hungry.
She has friends named Lisa and Tara.
She is really mean, but she has mean friends so she is being meaner now.Her favorite thing is to be mean.
Abigail was walking home from school being mean to her best friend and teacher.But a lady drove up to Abigail and said to her, "Your mom is in the hospital.""Because why?" Abigail asked.
"She had a heart attack," the lady said.
Abigail thought she would die.
She went to the hospital and her mother died.
Abigail was crying because her mom died.
Abigail was very very sad so she went home.
She couldn't stop crying. Abigail's dad was still alive so she called her
dad. Her dad came over to watch her.
Now her dad took her to school. Abigail's friend Lisa came over to play with Abigail. Abigail was happy.
Abigail forgot her mom died because she was playing too much. Later that year Abigail was so happy it was her birthday, but she was sad because her Mom was not at the party. Abigail loves school so she is being nice now because she has good friends. She loves her birthday.
Tony Alex and Freddy In The Haunted House
My name is Alex.
I am a vampire.
I love to suck blood.
Can I please suck your blood.
I love to sleep in the trunk of my car.
I hate the sun because I melt.
Sometimes I sleep in caves.
I can turn into a cat.
It is really fun.
I live in a haunted bank.
In the haunted bank there are slimy mummies, scaly rats, walking
refrigerators and fat bats.
There are skeletons giving money.
Also there are green goblins, laughing ghosts, floating beds, creepy bats and killer vampires like me.
One day my friend Freddy melted because he went out into the sun. Now I am sad. The reason why I am sad is that I lost my friend. "Have you ever lost a friend?" I asked Conner the Cat. "Yeah," he answered."So you know what it's like," I said. I miss Freddy very much. I am sad even in my dreams.Guess what?
When I was moving, I found Freddy's picture.
I kept it with me for a memory.
I keep it in my brown treasure box.
It has a lock so no one can get in it.
Tyler Skeletons In The Haunted House
My name is Sticky and I live with lots of skeletons in a haunted house on Bat Street. There are scary ghosts.
You can see lots of sticky cobwebs. Spiders are hanging and falling from the ceiling. There are stairs in the corner of the house. There are scary flying bats in the attic. Slimy monsters scare people off. Skeletons puke water out. Squeaky doors are shutting in and out.
Stinky bats are falling from the ceiling.
The haunted house has chocolate vampires.
I am going to eat them with my friends.
My friend's names are the mummy and Creepy Spider.
Walking heads, walking mummies and zombies are going trick or treating.Dead people are under the porch.
Skeletons of smiling kids are having a Halloween party.
Green toads are hopping everywhere.
Today something happened.
Two mean spiders came in the door.
We didn't see them because they were so small.
They went upstairs and they went into my room where I sleep.
Then they went in the guest room where they just slept.
We scared the two spiders away. Then we had a great party. When they were gone away, we celebrated.
Then they tried to get in the back door and they did.
They they went in the closet. We shut the closet door and they couldn't get out. Then we went to the movies to see a Halloween movie.
We saw some bats. The days have been great.
Jazzmen Michelle and the Haunted School
My name is Michelle.
I look like this.
I have green eyes.
My hair is blue.
I have gross feet and gross moles.
I like nothing but my pets.
There is a haunted school that I put a curse on.
The school has a ghost in the hallway.
The principal is a walking jack-o-lantern.
The assistant principal is a big fat bat.
On Halloween night three kids had a Halloween party in the gym.
I put a spell on the school and when I walked in the gym and said the magic words everything stopped moving.
But the music was still playing.
When I heard the music playing, I started to dance and I took the spell off the school.
The day after Halloween was the day I started to teach third grade and nothing went wrong.
Everyday I would bring treats to the children.
Kannon The Nice Monster
My name is Spike.
I am a nice monster.
I live in Monsterland.
I have dark blue eyes.
Once a kid came to Monsterland.
I gave him some bread.
I live in Monsterland.
I have five friends.
Monsterland has twelve trees.
I like Monsterland.
There is a school in Monsterland.
All the grass is purple.
Once a man came to Monsterland.
Everyone was frightened.
He had little teeth.
He had white skin.
He just looked different.
I went over to the man.
He said to me, "Be not afraid, I am a nice creature."
"I am a human, I came from planet Earth," said the man.
Then we went to Earth.
We had a great time.
Then we went back to Monsterland.
Max The Haunted School
My name is Knife.
I have sharp teeth.
I live in a Haunted School.
A teacher is nothing but bones.
I am scary.
I have a black shadow.
I live in the school.
I see bats hanging from the roof.
One teacher has a jack-o-lantern head.
There are dancing skeletons, scary ghosts and creepy spiders.
My friend goes to the school and they serve spider soup.
He wished he could do something about the spider soup.
The next day they served bat bones.
On Wednesday the food was good.
After lunch the whole school had a Halloween party.
The next day the school passed out candy.
Everybody was happy.
Zequilla The Scary Store
Today is Halloween. The new store is coming on Halloween. I am happy.
I was going to the new store. I heard the store was haunted. Me and my mom
went to the store on Halloween day. My Mommy still liked the store.
One day before Halloween the store was not open.
I was happy.
It made my Daddy sad. It made my Mommy sad.
I sneaked in the store. There was no food in the store.
I told my Mom. Then I told my Daddy.
Mommy said, "Oh that's why the store wasn't open."
So my mommy got some food.
I pitched in to help her clean the store.
There was a little bit of stuff in the store.
I was scared that germs would get on me.
When it was clean, I liked it.
Even my Dad liked it. My friend came over.
My Mommy loved the store.
We almost went to the store everyday.
On Halloween Day the store went crazy.
Even the man was a skeleton and he was the manager.
Even the food was talking to me. The people were yellow.
We heard tunes badder than me. A mummy was playing the piano. My Mommy told
my Daddy.
Then my Daddy wanted to see it. Ghosts scared my Dad. I was scared of the
weird stuff.
My Mom screamed when she saw the spiders.
We gave a little kid some candy.
Then we ran home.
The next day the store was perfect.