Monster Stories 2001
Alan and the Haunted High School Alan
Once upon a time in a haunted high school, there was a mummy.
He had a red sword.
His name was Alan.
He had twenty sharks.
He drank kids' blood.
He did that at night time.
He did not like kids and dads.
He lived in a haunted high school.
The sharks took care of the master's room.
His room had rattlesnakes, bones of kids and a bird.
It was the party day and everybody was having fun and then Alan was getting
ready to put the magic power to all the people to be super mean to everybody.
Then a little kid named Harry told Alan, "Hello Dude, will you join our
"Yes, sure," said Alan.
"Cool," said Harry and then Alan became a teacher.

Trisha and the Pet Tamers       Alex
Trisha is a mean witch.  She likes to wear black dresses with big collars.
She loves her cat Night.
She likes to eat goblin skins and frog legs.
She keeps all of her potions in her kitchen.
She has a big black pot that she can see evil spirits in.
Trisha lives in a haunted castle.
She has a cat named Night.
She will give you a scare with her bats, bones, cobwebs and spiders.
She has dead mummy slaves.
One day Trisha's cat Night felt extra mean.
He scratched Trisha because yesterday she did not give him any food.
Night was mad, so he scratched her for ten hours.
Trisha called the pet tamers and they tamed the cat.
They had a party and shouted, "Hip, hip, hurray three times."

A Quarterback                              Baylor
Jake Plummer comes out on Halloween night!
He throws footballs around.
He wears pads.
He goes to a hide out in the day.
He has trap doors in his hide out.
He goes to a haunted school at 7:00 AM on Halloween.
He comes out at noon.
Jake Plummer lives in a creepy house.
There are trap doors in his house.
People sit on the bleachers and watch him.
He has an airplane and drops footballs in the stadium.
There are fire ants in his house.
He has thousands of bats on his roof.
There are sharp points on both sides of the wall.
There are spiders everywhere.
Jake Plummer had a broken finger on his left hand.
He also broke a shoulder pad and a face mask.
He had a twisted ankle.
He got in a fight.
It made everyone feel good.
He had to go to the eye doctor.
He had to get his eye checked.
Jake Plummer had a broken leg.
One year later his leg was better.
His face mask was fixed.
He got glasses.
Everybody felt happy.
They went to a football game!

Alma and the Talking Back Cat   Beatrice
One day there was a witch named Alma.
She loved slimy worms.
Alma's mummies had blood on their heads.
She was evil.
She had a monster truck.
She loved children in school.
She wanted them to go in the woods at night.
She loved slimy monsters.
She wanted a haunted school.
When it was Halloween the children knocked on the door. The dog would bark and bark until Alma came.
When Alma opened the door, the children screamed until they got to their
house. At night Alma had an orange pumpkin that had red eyes and a scary face.
All the children freaked out.
One day Alma got sick of her cat.
The cat made Alma get sick because the cat talked back at Alma. Alma had to stay in bed for two weeks because the cat was still talking back
to Alma for two weeks.
Alma screamed. When the two weeks were up, the cat stopped talking back at Alma because the
cat heard a dog bark. Then the cat hid under the bed.
Alma felt better when the dog barked.
The next day Alma found the cat under the bed.
Alma fed it milk in the night.
Alma felt much better at the night.
The cat wasn't scared of the dog anymore.

Moore Throws A Party & Gets Sick      Brandon
Once upon a time there was Moore, the ghost.
He is nice.
He lives in a haunted house.
He has curly hair.
He has good eye search.
He has a dog named Spikey.
He has a pig named Don.
Moore lives in a haunted house.
It has an insect sink.
It has creaky stairs.
It has slimy soup on the oven.
It has spider webs.
One day Moore, the ghost, threw a party.
Burglars and everybody in the universe came.
Moore was really mad.
He was going to kick them out the door.
He was mad.
Moore drank some blood punch and got sick.
At midnight he got better because he took a nap.
He felt really good.
He went back to the party.
His party never ended.

Kate and Her New Friend               Casey
Once upon a time there was a monster named Kate.
She was a clown spirit.
She was very, very, very ugly.
She was stinky.
She ate werewolf soup and chocolate covered zombies.
She ate worm salad and rats, snakes and toad stew.
Kate's hair was as dark as night.
She lived at a haunted fun house.
She was not as nice as you think.
Her body had mold spots.
Her teeth were black and yellow.
Her nails were swords.
She had muddy feet.
Her house had mirrors.
Some kids went to the haunted Skate Park that Kate put a spell on. When kids would roller blade, hands would pull them under the ground. When kids would ride their scooters, goblins would suck their souls. When kids rode their bikes, shadows would grab them and when they let go the kids were gone.
Skeletons were the ramps.
The next day a kid got sick.
He didn't show up that day.
Kate got very very mad.
So she went to the boy's house and turned him into a werewolf. The little werewolf boy asked Kate, "Would you like to skate with me?"
Kate was shocked, who would ask such a thing?
Kate just smiled. She said, "I would love to."
So they skated all day.

Joe Tried To Get Into A Party           Chris
Once upon a time there was a blue ghost.
He was really really mean.
His name was Joe.
He had blue feet and arms.
He had red boots and he ate ugly food.
He went to school.
He really hated homework.
He really really hated kids.
He really hated his work.
Joe lived in a haunted house.
It had spooky doors.
There were spider webs on the roof.
Joe had two weird TVs.
There was a big hole in the ceiling.
Bats flew in and out of the hole.
One day there was a problem with Joe because the neighborhood kids couldn't
let him go in their party.
Joe got the key, unlocked the door and stopped the party. The party didn't stop and a guy said, "Joe, do you want to join the party?"
Joe said, "Yes." One day Joe was really mean to people, so Joe punched people around.
So the people said, "Stop pushing us around."
Joe really hated school because there was a lot of homework. Joe hit people around school and he got in trouble. A ghost went to his friend's house to try to get in their party. They  broke through the door to get in.
One ghost went to his friend's home to push people around. They felt sad.
They said to the ghosts, "Stop hitting us please."
So the ghosts didn't hit  them anymore   and they had a parade.

Ace and His Friend the Mummy Dominic
Ace lives in a haunted swamp.
It has dead fish eye balls in the water.
Ace lives in a moth house and goblins make noises.
Bats with eyes scream ha ha ha ha ha!
He lives next to a graveyard.
People never come to his house.
He has razor sharp claws, teeth and a tail.
Ace lives in a haunted swamp.
He lives under water.
They call him the creature from the black lagoon.
Ace got into a fight with a friend, the mummy.
Ace said, "I never want to talk to you anymore."
They didn't talk.
The mummy moved away.
"Well, good," said Ace.
One day he went to see Mummy.
The next day they went to get some ice cream.
Ace got a brain freeze.
Mummy laughed so hard he fell out of his seat.
They went home.

Mary Has A Baby                             Ellen
Hi, my name is Robert.
I live in a haunted house on Hickory Hill.
I'm a ghost.
I love to haunt houses.
Oh kids!
I mostly hate kids, moms and dads.
I have a dog named Spikes.
I named him Spikes because he has spikes on his back.
In my house I have men eating toilets and lava sinks.
My house has creaky stairs.
My wife Mary was going to have a baby.
Spikes was staring at Mary and me.
Mary said, "We don't have a crib."
I said, "Yes we do---right over there."
I said, "Mary, we don't have any diapers!"
"Yes, we do," said Mary.
"Spikes, come here boy," said Mary.
Then we went to Monster Lane.
Then we went to the hospital where Mary was screaming in pain.
"Here he comes, he's out," said the doctor.
Mary had to stay in the hospital for a few days.
Then we went home.

The Fly                                 Eric
Once upon a time there was a fly.
He was big.
His tail was long and prickly.
He was scary.
His eyes turn red when a person goes inside his house.
He had sharp teeth.
The fly lives in a castle.
It has a mummy.
It has creaky stairs.
It has a cat.
It has a grave yard.
One day the fly was mad because the fly doesn't like kids.
So the fly went to the school to get kids.
The fly was a pet.
He saw the kids.
The kids saw the fly.
"You can be our pet," said the kids.
The fly said, "Yes."
The fly was the kid's pet.

Julie The Vampire                       German
Once upon a time there was a monster named Julie, the vampire.
He had two bats and their names were Coco and Cookie.
He has two crocodiles named Jack and Toad.
He had one lizard and his name was  Raccoon.
He was a really mean vampire.
Julie lived in a haunted college.
It had a skeleton principal in the hallway.
It had a skeleton parent in a classroom.
It had  haunted lockers.
It had haunted teachers.
It had haunted skeletons everywhere.
One day Julie was sick and then five days later he got better.
He put a curse on the college and everybody felt sad.
Two kids came up to Julie.
The two kids said, "Do you want to have fun?"
So Julie took the curse off the college.
Julie taught college and everybody felt happy.

Wella Hates Halloween                Jackie
Wella lives in a haunted house.
She has red eyes.
She has lions and tigers.
Wella has snails in her hair.
Wella's house has psycho cats running up and down the hallway.
She has crocodiles around her bed.
She has an alligator named Meany.
She has dogs with red wings.
One day Wella's dog Peppy got sick.
Wella loves her dog.
But she is so sad.
Her psycho puppy is so sad too.
The next day Wella forgot it was Halloween, but she had Halloween.
She had a plan.
She was thinking about stopping Halloween.
She went to the Halloween party at the school.
A little girl went up to her and said, "Do you want to come in the school
with us?"
Wella said, "Yes."
Wella wasn't mean anymore.

Sick Witch                      Lisa
Once upon a time there was a kid named Arianna.
She had a toy and hit me in my face with it.
I hit her and she started to cry.
She was a witch.
She was very mean.
She wore a black dress with a long pointed hat.
She flew around on a broom.
She ate bat stew.
Arianna lived in a haunted house.
It had haunted cats, haunted dogs, haunted cows, creepy stairs and spider
Arianna had dinner.
She had frog stew and bats came to the haunted house.
After dinner she got really sick because she ate chunks of frogs.
Her mother gave her special medicine and she felt better.
They went to a big party and they had fun.

Haunted Graveyard                      Marshall
Once upon a time there was a mummy that lived in a graveyard for many years.
In that graveyard there were many bones.
The graveyard had many cobwebs.
The graveyard was very haunted.
It had bats and it had spiders.
The mummy was very mean.
He scared kids.
He did not like kids.
He scared other mummies.
He stopped scaring kids.
But one day he got out of the graveyard.
He got in a house, but he was nice to the people.

The Three Magic Stones 2              Matt
One day there were three kids.
They saw three magic stones.
One stone was fire and one was ice and one was water.
The kids' names were Jack, J. B., and J. K.
One day they went to a graveyard.
There were skeletons and there were mummies.
There were zombies and ghosts.
Suddenly the mummies and the zombies and the ghosts started to attack them.
The ice took the mummies.
The water took the ghosts and the fire took the Zombies.
But then they noticed that the skeleton was missing.
He had gotten away.
Then the skeleton turned into a giant skeleton.
Next the ice froze the skeleton and then Jack, J. B. and J. K. celebrated!

Michael & the Case of the Halloween Party              Michael
One day the day of Halloween there was a Halloween party by a knight.
He had a red sword.
His name was Michael.
He had four dogs.
Their eyes were red.
He had put a curse on them.
He had ten alligators.
They were so mean.
Michael lives in a haunted mansion.
It has ten goblins around it.
It has creaky stairs that turn into flat stairs.
It has Zombies that rise from the dead.
It has ghosts that look like Indians with horses.
That's when the problem happened.
Michael's mom said, "You can't have the party at our house because it will be
too loud."
So Michael decided to have the party at his friend's house.
Michael's mom got so mad that she said, "You can't have a party at all."
Then ten minutes later Michael went down the stairs.
He asked his mom if he could have the party at the park during the day.
His mom said, "Yes."
After the party they all went out for some ice cream.

Gray The Vampire                        Natasha
Gray is a vampire.
She sucks blood a lot.
Oh and she haunts schools.
She hates kids.
She has red hair and fire eyes.
She has blue and pointy finger nails.
Gray has a pet named Oxford.
It is a wolf.
Oxford hates kids.
He eats mice and lizards.
The kids were scared because Gray put a spell on the school.
Gray thought she would get away with it, but she did not.
The kids were not scared anymore because on Halloween it was fun.
Gray turned into a good vampire.
Now she likes kids.
She lived happily ever after.

Laura's Big Sister                               Rachel
Once upon a monster time there was a vampire.
Her name was Laura.
She had a dog.
It's name was Sunny.
She was sometimes nice and sometimes mean.
She had long black hair.
Laura lives in a haunted mansion.
When you go in a  headless horseman will let you in, but he will make a face
at you.
Skeletons will stick their tongues out at you and laugh.
Black cats will scratch you.
Dogs will bark and bite you.
Laura had a big sister who was mean to her.
She would push Laura outside and lock her out there.
She would look at Laura and laugh.
Her name was Jennifer.
She was mean to Laura's dog Sunny.
Jennifer would play tricks on Sunny.
Laura said to Jennifer, "If you will be nice to me, then I will be nice to
The next day Jennifer was nice to Laura.
Laura was nice to Jennifer and they all felt better and happy.

ET and the Haunted Park                  Reid
Once upon a time there was a prince.
His name was E. T., the Water Man.
He was very mean.
A witch put a spell on him.
Now his castle was made out of water.
He had two pet alligators in his moat.
No one has ever gone there.
The Water Man lives in a haunted lake.
If you open the door, it has headless horsemen who take you in.
If you touch the gate you get an electric shock.
Down the road there was a haunted park and on Halloween the kids played there.
The swings are feet.
The kids are afraid of the swings.
The sand is quick sand.
One day a boy said, "Do you want to play with us?"
E. T., the Water Man, said, "Yes."
They had fun.
They went to Big Surf.

The Haunted Mansion                         Sam
Once upon a time there was a witch named Sam.
Sam is a good witch.
Sam is always a good friend.
Sam likes people even if they are not witches.
Sam is our friend.
Sam is always nice.
Sam helps us when we need help.
Sam likes to help us.
Sam lives in a haunted mansion.
Sam is nice.
Sam has a want.
Sam doesn't like mud.
Sam has a pet named Muk.
One day Sam got sick and the children were sad because she is a good friend.
Sam is always nice.
She is feeling sad because she couldn't come outside to play with her
When Sam got better the children brought her a present.
Sam was happy.
Sam and the children were happy.

Wellma and Her Cat                     Taylor
Once there was a witch named Wellma.
Wellma had dead cats in her hallway.
She also had a pet cat named Gizmo and a pet alligator named Oscar.
She had giant dogs with red eyes.
She also had lions and tigers with red eyes.
She had one hundred bats on her ceiling.
Wellma had psycho puppies and psycho kittens that ran up and down her hallway.
Wellma was very mean.
Wellma lived in a haunted house.
Her giant dogs with red eyes guarded her house.
Her lions and tigers attacked her enemies.
Wellma had a pet cat that she loved best.
She called it her little brat.
Outside Wellma's house there were jack-o-lanterns that talked.
One day Wellma's cat Gizmo got sick.
Wellma loved her cat so she was sad.
Oscar, the alligator, the psycho puppies and the psycho kittens were sad too.
The next day when Wellma woke up she cooked some poison to make her cat feel
When the poison was finished she gave it to her cat.
Then Gizmo felt better.
Then they all went to scare little kids.

The Haunted Football Stadium   Tommy
Once upon a time there was a kid named Jordan.
Jordan didn't like football and Jordan put a spell on the football stadium.
Jordan never came back to the football stadium except on Halloween.
Nobody went to the football stadium except on Halloween.
The guys still play football only on Halloween.
When you buy from the snack bar the straws are tongues.
The soda was blood.
The kids were grossed out.
When you go to the snack bar, the ice cream is a bucket of worms.
Well, they were just playing a trick on us.
The football players made up.

The Spooky Party                        Trenton
Once upon a time there was a two headed monster that ate kids.
The monster brain washed the kids and ate their brains.
The monster lives in a haunted house.
It has creaky stairs.
It has skeletons on the roof.
It has haunted beds.
It has spooky trees.
The two headed monster got sick and threw up.
He couldn't go to the Halloween party.
The monster had a tummy ache and he laid down.
He felt better.
The monster went to the party.
He ate bat stew and drank blood juice.