Monster Stories 1999
The Haunted Attic AAAAH!
by Adam
There once lived a little boy named Justin and he had the scariest attic
on the block.
He never went in it because he was too scared.
One night he was going into the attic!
He saw a monster named Michael, but he was weird.
Michael is a good juggler.
He goes nuts.
He never comes down from the attic so Justin went up.
They play fun things.
Michael has glasses.
He is hairy.
He doesn’t eat.
He is magical!
He likes to play hide and go seek.
The attic was perfect for hide and go seek.
There were boxes everywhere.
There was a hole in the floor.
That place was the best.
They can play hide and go seek!
One day when Justin went into the attic Michael WAS GONE!
Justin said, “I know you like to play hide and go seek, but I forgot to
Justin felt lonely.
He lost a friend.
Then Justin heard a sneeze.
Then he heard another one.
Then Justin checked his favorite hiding spot.
Michael jumped out when Justin checked it.
Michael said, “You found me!”
Justin was glad Michael was back!
Michael’s mom and dad came to the attic.
“I will miss you,” said Justin.
Well, at least Justin got to play with him for two years.
Michael’s mom took two pictures---one for Justin and one for Michael.
Justin felt sad.
The Haunted Mansion
by Aimee
Once upon a time there was an old witch.
She had a black cat.
She liked to make frog stew.
“Yum,” she said.
She had a dog that she fed rotten bones.
The witch liked to scare people.
She liked rats.
She liked to eat flies.
She loved Halloween.
When the people came, she would scare them.
The mansion had some bats.
All the time there were scary noises....ooooooooo!
There were black cat Meow, meow went the cats.
BOOoooo went the witch.
The old and dusty mansion was on a high hill.
The old witch said, “I want visitors.”
“Will they come?” asked the witch.
“Yes, they are here,” said the old witch.
“Help me,” the witch said, “Zombies and bats are here.”
“”Please come and help me.” cried the witch.
The witch said, “I want the zombies to die.”
The bats killed the zombies.
The zombies died.
“I am so happy,” said the witch.
The witch felt good.
The witch had a baby witch.
She told what happened to her baby witch.
Her baby witch likes to hear what happened.
The Bad Monster
by Alyx
A very fat old mommy monster named Tia lives on Slimy Street.
Tia is very mean.
She eats flies and bat soup.
She is three hundred years old.
She is a green monster and her eyes are orange.
She smells terrible, very very terrible.
Tia’s house is very messy, creepy and scary.
There are balloons and presents in the kitchen.
There are cats and dogs fighting all day.
There are skeletons dancing in the hallway.
The monster is nice to her friends sometimes.
Tia, the monster, treats kids badly.
She eats clothes and cereal.
She eats hats and green spiders.
The kids feel sad.
The monster kept eating the kid’s clothes.
Tia stopped eating the clothes and the kid’s cereal.
Then she stopped eating the hats.
Then the kids felt better.
Tia stopped eating everything.
Everybody began to be friends.
The monster lived happily ever after.
The Haunted House
by Cassie
Once upon a time there lived a little witch.
She lived in an old Haunted House.
She was very healthy.
She had two black cats in the Haunted House.
There were skeletons and her name was little Aimee.
She went outside, but she was scared so she went back inside.
Inside there were spooky spider webs.
It sounds scary in the hallway.
There was a graveyard in the backyard and spooky decorations everywhere.
Everything was spooky.
She was scared in the bedroom.
Something went inside her bedroom.
It took her dolls.
She looked for them, but she could not find them.
Then something went BOOooooo!
She was scared.
She took her teddy bear out and hugged her teddy bear.
Aimee looked behind her.
It was the Monster. The Monster gave the dolls back.
Aimee was so happy that she gave him a big hug.
Then the Monster and Aimee went to the Monster’s cave.
Little Aimee peaked in, but it was scary so she took her head out.
The Happy Monster
by Cody
Joe is a nice monster.
He is hairy and has sharp teeth.
He wears fur pants and coats.
He has big feet and goes barefooted.
He has green eyes and a pink nose.
He has long arms.
Joe lives in a dark cave.
There are cave paintings on the wall.
There are big spiders and spider webs on the wall.
He sits on rock furniture.
He builds a fire outside to cook his food.
He eats meat and vegetables.
Everyone is afraid of Joe because he has big teeth.
He goes around the neighborhood scaring the little kids.
The kids were afraid to go outside and play.
Joe got tired of people running away from him.
He decided to drink a potion to turn himself into a little kid.
The stuff tasted yucky, but he drank it anyway.
It was fun being a kid.
Halloween came up.
Joe started to grow up.
Joe and all the kids went trick-or-treating.
The Big Surprise
Biggy, the monster, is very small.
You have to use a magnifying glass to see him.
He has ten red eyes.
He has one big huge triangle red tooth.
He is a professional wrestler.
He loses a lot. People squish him a lot, but he doesn’t die.
Biggy tries to be very very scary, but he won’t scare you because he is
only as little as the monster
Biggy lives in a cave.
The cave has three eyes, two arms and four legs.
It has hair. The cave is red and blue. On the front it is blue and on the back it is
It smells like rotten eggs. The cave has carpet.
Do you know how humans grow? One day this monster grew.
The cave grew too. They were getting bigger and bigger and bigger and they were getting scarier and scarier and scarier.
The next day the monster went to the village.
This little boy saw Biggy.
The little boy had no dad or mom, but he just stared at Biggy’s back!
He saw a little gray...........zipper .
He asked Biggy to bend over.
He did see a little gray zipper.
The boy couldn’t believe his eyes.
The boy unzipped Biggy’s zipper and out popped an elephant.
The little boy saw another zipper, so he pulled down that zipper and out
popped his mom and dad!
The boy was happy!
The boy and mom and dad were very very happy!
They lived happily ever after.
On Halloween the boy saw a big huge triangle red tooth in the closet.
The Monster’s Party
by Eric
My monster eats fish and he cooks snail pie, but he is mad.
He has small blue beady eyes.
He has straight, shiny, sharp teeth.
He is poison.
His name is Henry.
Henry lives in a castle.
The castle is dangerous.
The castle looks funny and dark.
The castle smells like flowers.
There are bats and worms in the castle.
The boys and the monster went to the party.
The boys won a game.
At the party they ate chicken and cake.
The boys had a good time.
One day some boys went to look for the monster in the castle.
The boys got scared because they thought the monster would eat them.
A vampire jumped in the monster’s castle.
The vampire asked him if them if they wanted to come to the party.
The boys said, “Yes.”
The boys never went back to the castle again.
the monster and the vampire were sad.
Bloody Room
by Estrella
A chubby old mommy named Slimy Sue has bloody eyeballs.
She is a goblin.
She lives in a castle.
She has green eyes.
She has red nails.
She has green feet.
She has green legs.
Slimy Sue’s house is full of creepy stuff.
There are bloody vampires looking at everyone.
There are bloody trap doors opening.
There are bloody swamps outside.
There are bloody rats in the room.
There are bloody pencils climbing up the wall.
One day my goblin treated me badly.
She ate my shoes.
Then she ate my fruit.
Then she hit me.
One day my goblin stopped hitting me.
Then she stopped eating my shoes.
Then she stopped eating my fruit.
Then my goblin stopped treating me badly.
She stopped eating my stuff.
We all went to the Mall and then we went trick-or-treating.
The Monster
by Ita
Once upon a time there lived a monster and it was a mad monster.
He was named Scary. His hair was yellow.
He was always hungry because he loves bacon food.
That’s because he loves it.
He lives in a house -----a scary house.
He is a scary monster. He looks like a ghost.
He sleeps in a scary room. He has scary stuff.
He has a big mess in his room because he plays with his big stuff.
He likes to eat at 5 o’clock.
He cleans up his mess because he only likes to clean the kitchen, but he
doesn’t like to clean in his room.
Because he lives alone he gets lost.
Then he was scared. Then he found his way home.
He hurt Billy’s feelings and Billy was sad.
Billy thought about it and couldn’t stop crying.
Scary and Billy made best friends and they played all year.
They never fought again. They were happy.
Their moms visited last night. They all visited everyday.
They were happy.
Scary came to sleep over and they had a dream.
One day Scary was walking in the street and he said, “Help please,
there’s a monster trying to get me.”
The bad monster said, “Get out of my way.”
Then the bad monster went back to his house and never came back.
All About Daniel
by Jasmine
Once upon a time a very mean monster lived in a spooky cave.
Sometimes he would go to school.
The school was close by. He feels slimy.
He looks like a big monster. He has big red eyes.
He is a growling monster.
He likes to eat people and children.
He has a yellow tongue.
His cave is very big.
There are bats in the cave.
The floor feels slimy and looks like a cave hanging with vines.
The cave is very ugly.
One day the monster went to school.
All the kids were mean.
The monster wanted them to be even meaner.
But they wouldn’t be meaner.
So he scared them with a BOOoooooooo!
The next day the monster went to school again.
He was surprised to see that everybody was even meaner to him.
Then it was the end of the day so they all went home to be mean to each
other.They continued to be mean to each other for the rest of their lives.
They all felt happy.
The Slimy Monster
Gang Gar, the monster, is mean and scary.
He is slimy.
You can see bubbly bumps on his back.
His teeth are sharp. He is green.
Gang Gar lives in the sewer. It is spooky.
There are zombies in the water.
There are spiders and bats everywhere.
One day I saw a floating jack-o-lantern inside the sewer.
It was lighted up. My legs were shivering.
Then I heard something behind the jack-o-lantern.
Then it came out. It was the slimy monster.
He ate the jack-o-lantern. I ran.
The monster was chasing me. Then I saw my house.
I went inside. Gang Gar opened the door.
He pushed me by the sink. I ran behind the monster.
I put his hand in the garbage disposal.
I turned it on. His hand was going down the drain.
Then his whole body was going down the drain to the sewer.
I was glad he was gone.
I went trick-or-treating.
I went around the neighborhood in my car to get candy.
The Halloween Party
by Jeremy
Once upon a time there lived a haunted mummy.
His ghost friends made green monster soup and played games.
He loved to feast on fat muddy worms.
He lived in a messy bat cave. I love him.
His name is Scary. He is ninety-nine.
He is tall. He is ugly. He has rats for pets.
He has no rules in his bat cave so the cave was a mess.
I was Halloween and the monsters cooked frog stew for Bones, the cat and
Slime, the toad. “Trick-or-treat,” said Bones.
Slime gave his favorite candy and ice cream to Bones.
“Thank you,” said Bones. Bones went to the next house and said, “Trick-or....but when he was going to say Treat a boy started a Halloween Party.
“Could I join,” said Bones. “No,” said the boy!
“Why?” asked Bones.
“Because,” said the boy, “It is for kids---not monsters!
Then Bones went to his mom and his mom got mad at the boy.
The boy didn’t hurt Bones.
Mom was happy because the boy did not hurt Bones.
Bones and the boy were friends.
On Halloween they wore the same costumes.
They lived together. They were friends forever.
by Jessika
Once upon a time there lived a cat monster named Fred.
He liked to have a room, but there came a frog monster.
He had a cool hat. His name Adam. He eats bugs
A bat came into the house and the bat liked to play.
It liked to go in the cat’s house.
“No, don’t come in the house,” said the cat monster.
Fred, the cat monster, lived in a black house.
It had mice in the living room.
There were jack-o-lanterns in the kitchen.
There were bats in the bathroom.
There were vampires in the attic.
There were bugs in the backyard.
Fred put on his pumpkin costume to go trick-or-treating.
He got mice from the attic for dinner.
He was sad because he didn’t have a friend to go trick-or- treating with
him. Fred went next door and asked Adam, the frog, to go trick-or -treating.
Adam said, “Yes.” They went to the park where there was a party.
They went home and counted the candy.
Fred said, “Next year let’s go trick-or-treating again.”
Adam said, “Ok.”
Scary Houses
by Joey
Mr. Monster Slimy is my friend.
He has bulging eyes. He has green teeth.
He has ugly fingernails.
He has stinky feet. Slimy’s house is ugly.
His house is very scary.
His house has creepy pictures.
His house is haunted.
His house is noisy.
Slimy breaks stuff.
He hits people.
Nobody likes him.
That makes him sad.
Slimy is getting better.
He is trying to be nice.
He is making friends.
This makes him feel good.
Slimy got his friends to trick-or-treat with him.
He got one thousand pieces of candy.
He shared it with his friends.
The Haunted School
by Kristin
Once upon a time there was a math monster.
She is orange. Her name is Sami.
She has green nails. She is always happy.
It’s always cool.
Sami’s favorite thing to do is play.
Her favorite food is pizza. Sami is very slimy. She’s very fun.
There was a Frankenstein principal.
She walked in the bloody classroom.
She saw ghost teachers teaching students.
It smelled like slimy peas. Somebody scared Sami.
Bats were dead.
Sami was scared so she went back to the bloody room.
She saw a vampire----a fun vampire.
So she had fun for a while.
But the vampire was a mad vampire.
Sami was very scared.
The vampire chased Sami as fast as he could. Sami fell.
The vampire was right there.
Sami got away.
She ran and ran out of the haunted school.
Then the haunted school disappeared.
In a flash the vampire did too.
The monster was happy like always.
Wolf Monster
by Michael
The wolf monster is very mean.
He eats a lot of people.
The wolf monster has a pet named Austin.
He has mean bulging eyes.
The wolf monster is scary.
There was a haunted soccer field.
It looked dark.
It stinks.
It feels like an earthquake.
My soccer team had to fight the monster.
They kicked the ball at the wolf monster.
The wolf monster was a man dressed in a costume.
I kicked the ball and made the last goal.
We kicked the ball and killed the other monsters.
We were happy because they couldn’t eat us.
The people gave lots of candy.
They told everyone the monster man was just a guy in a costume.
They lived happily ever after.
Mystery Room
by Nick
Once upon a time there lived a big ugly prickly scary monster named Votel!
He liked to eat candy and rats. His wife Rose was mad at him.
The monster was a bad monster. He had a black cat named Pick. The cat
was bad. Votel lived in a haunted cave school. Inside there were a lot of bones.
In every classroom there was a ghost!
The cave was spooky. In class sixty-one there were zombies.
The haunted room was very creepy and very haunted.
Then one night a little boy went to Votel’s cave. The boy was very
scared. Then the boy felt a hand and he screamed bloody murder.
Votel was really dead. Then a man walked in. The boy said, “Are you the
Votel?” “No,” said the man. “Let me explain to you,” said the man.
“The Votel is dead, he was dead for three hundred years,” he said.
Then the man said, “Do you want a coke?”
“No thank you,” the boy said. The man said, “Where do you live?”
“I live in room 65103, North 61st Place,” said the boy. The man said.
“No way, my dad lives right next to you.”
“You mean Tom,” said the boy. “Ya,” said the man.
“Let me take you home,” the man said. “Ok,” said the boy.
They were at home at last.
“Mom, guess what?---the Votel was dead for three hundred years and this
man’s dad lives right next to us,” said the boy.
A Monster
by Sami
Once upon a time there lived a spooky monster.
Her name was Kim. She had purple and blue hair.
She lived in a haunted school. She ate cats and dogs.
She likes to play tag.
If she tagged somebody she ate them for dinner.
She is 200 years old and she looks like she is thirty-five years old.
Kim had blue eyes and pink teeth. Her favorite food was fried chicken.
The hallway in the haunted school had bug juice dripping from the ceiling.
The witches had warts as big as their face. There were gremlin teachers
everywhere. There were scary sounds everywhere.
On Halloween seven years ago Kim made a spell for Halloween.
In one day it would be Halloween. That means trouble.
Some kids know about Kim and sometimes she gets so mad you can hear her a
mile away. Kim felt bad. On Halloween the spell didn’t work.
Kim felt even more mad. So Kim tried it again and the spell didn’t work.
Then Kim felt happy. She never got mad anymore.
Kim went to the school. Four girls came up to Kim.
Their names were Sami, Jaz, Tia and Kristin.
They said, “Kim, you are a nice monster.”
Kim became the principal.
I Go To The Principal
by Sarah
The monster is very scary. His name is Principal.
He is the scariest principal. He has a green tongue and purple hair.
He lives in a house.
It has vines going up the whole wall. He has red hair and he eats
sleeping children for dinner.
He has a fuzzy cat. The cat is green. He is very scary.
Because he has a hang nail, he needs someone to fix it, so he goes
around the neighborhood and scares people.
The house has coffins and sounds from the hallway.
It smells damp and it is dark. It feels cold and windy inside.
There are skeletons and ghosts on the roof. There is lightning and
thunder. There are candlesticks in rooms. One day I had to go to the office to
see the principal. I do not know what it is. I’m terrified whatever it is.
I hope he’s going to give me an A. I wonder if it’s only my report card.
“Here’s your report card,” said the principal. I couldn’t believe my
eyes. I took a look at my report card. What in the world?
An F! I almost fainted. “Here’s your spelling test,” said the principal. Wow, an A, what a miracle. I guess the principal isn’t so scary after all.
I moved into third grade. The principal moved to a different school and I admitted I was seeing things all along.
The Slimy School
by Tia
Once there was a party monster. He always went to parties.
His color was tye dye. He looked really cool and he acted really cool.
He was really slimy and he really stinks badly. He was really skinny
and he was red-eyed.
He loved to eat children. He loved his name because his name was Tom.
The Slimy School was the scariest place. There were goblins walking
around all over the place.
The chairs were moving all over the place. The walls were all covered
with slime. The ground moved all of the time. Some people even saw the meanest
person. One night Tom went to find a party. He couldn’t find a party so he
decided to go home. But he got stuck in the dark. He saw something and couldn’t get back home. Well, actually it was dark, but he got stuck in the school yard.
He got really scared. He couldn’t see through the dark.
He thought that the school monsters would get him.
Then he calmed down and he thought and thought until he had an idea that he
should start his car and get out of there.
Then he made it home safely. He was happy and safe.
He lived happily ever after. Well, he was still scared that the school
monsters would get him.
He decided to go on a vacation. “Maybe I should go to New York,” he