Multiplication Page

This page exists because Damaris and Olivia asked for it. I hope you find it useful and fun.

Multiplication is FUN!

Did you know that there are simple rules or strategies you can use to find the answers to all the green facts. Once you know these you only have to memorize the white ones.

Here they are:

  • 0's - Any number multiplied by zero equals zero.
  • 1's - Any number multiplied by one is that number.
  • 2's - Add any number multiplied by two to itself or count by twos.
  • 3's - Use repeated addition or count by threes.
  • 4's - Double the number being multiplied by four twice.
  • 5's - Count by fives.
  • 9's - Use your fingers!
Remember, this only works for 9's.
example: 3x9=
Hold your hands out like the hands in the picture. Start at 1 and count to three.
Put your third finger down, just like in the picture. Now count the number of fingers on the left of the down finger, you should have counted 2. That is the first number in your answer. Now count the fingers on the right of your down finger, you should have counted 7. That is the second number in your answer. Put the two numbers together and you have the answer, 27. Now try it with the rest of the 9's.
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