Birds have been getting a bad rap lately especially here in the valley. People complain about the mess they make. People set traps and even put out poison to kill them. It is important to remember that all animals are important to the ecosystem. Here are a few ways that birds are important to our environment:
  • Many birds eat slugs and insects and keep their population under control.
  • Geese can be used to weed orchards and eat fallen and rotting fruit.
  • Chickens control insects and weeds and increase nitrogen in the soil.
  • By watching birds, scientists can measure the health of our environment.


A few birds that live in Arizona

Great Horned Owl

Anna's Hummingbird

Harris Hawk

Turkey Vulture

Magnificent Hummingbird

Lesser Roadrunner

Check out these cool bird sounds!

  • Barn Owl
  • Turkey
  • Woodpecker
  • Seagull

To learn more about how birds help, try visiting one of the sites listed below.

Cool Bird Links:


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